Lone Ranger Rocks

By davu
Written July 02, 2015
LOVED IT! Great Entertainment, Acting, Directing, Cinematography, Writing... ! Incredible Stunt work. For All ages, but Adults will get more of the tonge and cheek humor. Feel good movie of the summer.
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HI Ho Silver!

By aceagent
Written May 03, 2015
I have not like all of Johnny Depp's films but this one was cute, & funny! An air conditioned theater, some pricey popcorn a comfortable seat-what else do you need. It is a getaway from heat and chores. JP was very good! Enjoy!
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Lone Randger

By jerryschriever
Written July 02, 2015
Long. Inacuarate. The raiilroad came no where close to texas. As a Utahan I don/t apprreciate Promontary Point being moved to Texas! The tie to the reincarnated Tonto never made any sense and did not lead anywhere. Too bloody and gross (peeing in the bucket). Not logical. How did they get from the race of the trains to the bottom of the tower to set off the explosives? The only redeeming place whas when the William Tell Oveture started and the action began.
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By horsepro
Written July 06, 2013
I must say I was really looking forward to this movie because when I was young this story and character were a favorite of mine. We went with our Friday night Movie group. Granted we are all baby boomers but we are a fairly sophisticated group of movie goers. We all went into it with great expectations and without exception were all disappointed. The story was very disjointed and there were scenes that were obviously only in the movie to cater to the CGI fans. Johnny Depp was outstanding as one would expect and the humor of his character was refreshing but not much else was appreciated in this film. We would have been better served as a group to see Despicable Me 2.
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The Lone Ranger Comedy Hour

By ileanadlt419
Written May 26, 2015
I loved this movie because of the humor in it. They took some semi-historical data and the basis of a very successful cowboys and indians TV franchise and turned it into a truly entertaining show. This movie gets into explaining the background for the partnership between these two implausible partners, who have one thing in common: their indelible believe in justice.. Add to this a series of incredibly humorous scenes throughout the movie, and you've got a hit. I think the movie is appropriate for all ages and types of audiences, so long as you're not totally opposed to watching any violence. There are a few gruesome scenes, but nothing compared to the violence you see in most action movies these days. I particularly enjoyed the particular style that Johnny Depp stamps on the Tonto character, and to my surprise, found Armie Hammer to play his role very appropriately.
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