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    Who was that Masked Man?

    by nuzman9

    When a movie is way too long and you have to sit through a badly written script, then it makes every superfluous minute seem more unnecessary. Additionally, making the character of the Lone Ranger a bumbling, nincompoop and Tonto a burned-out, mentally challenged outlaw just takes the "modern-day" duo much further away from original characters. What a dumb idea! Outside from some enjoyable action scenes -- to few and too short -- the movie drags back and forth between a flash-back and an unnecessary narrative by an elderly Tonto. Other than giving Johnny Depp an opportunity to dress up in badly applied make-up designed to add decades to his age -- that form of telling the story was contrived and stupid. Just make a good ol cowboy movie about The Long Ranger -- that would have been much more enjoyable and make me want to see a sequel -- not this weak excuse. And, my popcorn was stale!

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Brendan_D_Mirg Went to watch lone survivor on my computer and sat through 5 minutes of the Lone Ranger before I realize it was the wrong movie...

186 days ago.

bqaggie Just finished watching Lone Ranger w/@ZachDog9 This was 2nd recent movie I've seen starring Ruth Wilson & I gotta say...a crush is forming.

186 days ago.

johnoakdalton Earth universally hated this Lone Ranger movie, and yet I kinda like it.

186 days ago.

ckruize Just saw the Lone Ranger and all I gotta say is that movie is amazing...

186 days ago.

elbertestep Watched The Lone Ranger with my wasn't as bad as I had heard...actually a decent movie.

186 days ago.

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