The Loneliest Planet Synopsis
An incident on the trail tests two lovers' relationship during a guided hike through the mountains.
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Mulligan Jen

By mulliganJen
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I felt it was worse than Chinese water torture. It is basically two people, a man and woman with a guide hiking. Every scene is 5 minutes of watching them...

It could have been better

By tomrovine
I liked this movie. It is very slow indeed, but i guess that is the speed with wich real things happen in life. My only complain is the lengh of some of the scenes. There wasn't any real...

VERY Disappointing

By anna.noland
From the start you never really know what's going on. They seem to be taking a trek across the lands, but why? To where? The relationships between the characters are well developed. As the trek...

Beautifully shot, but not much else...

By jakeyoung99
I was on the verge of giving this on a so-so, but eventually decided against it. As the title suggests, this film boasts beautiful and well thought out shots that are both unique and moral. However ,...


By frankred76
Great scenery, Horrible movie. Could have made that a 30 min movie. Wasted my time. Don't bother....

waste of 2 hours

By Kailou
This could have easily been edited down to a 5-10 minute short, but even then it would be a bad short. So much opportunity for great cinematography, but its all wasted potential. In the end I didn't...

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