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In this highly imaginative, delightfully absurdist comedy from visionary director Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth), Colin Farrell stars as David, a man who has just been dumped by his wife.
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Absolutely unbearable

By chermysanskawallahilla
So many people walked out of the theater. I did also. This director thinks quirkiness makes plot, dialogue, movie making, hard work, and story unecessary....

Quirky fun!

By Catherine248
If you're looking for a straight forward blockbuster, this is not it. This film is a smart, funny satire which pushes the boundaries of imagination and thought. It's a movie that you get to think...

One of the worst movies I've ever seen

By phillipklein
I guess I'm not refined or smart enough to "get" this movie. I was bored to tears about 15 minutes into the film, but kept waiting for something that engaged me. It was impossible to connect with any...

The Lobster

By hpgreenwald
terrible, pointless movie filled with gratuitous violence and human suffering...

Maybe the dumbest movie of all time

By Keither116
Not sure how this got pegged as "brilliant". It had the potential of being Napolean Dynamite-like with the dry humor, but they didn't pull it off. Then the story just became weird and stupid. The...


By maxpizzacraze
There were so many strange stand-alone scenes that never amounted up to anything....

Really a zero star movie

By movielicious
We walked out after about 40 minutes because the movie was insufferable. Absolutely hands down the worst movie we have ever tried to watch. The summary on Fandango is misleading and far too generous....

The Lobster

By Aimcrandall
I wanted to love this movie. The actors are wonderful but the story line was difficult to get invested in. I typically enjoy abstract thinking and extreme metaphors but this movie did not execute...

So many people walked out!

By theresamarcroft
... and I have to agree with them. Too bad b/c I was SO looking forward to this film. Based on the previews, I thought it would be a funny & heartwarming love story. There is no story here, no...

A movie not for the mainstream

By Madman007
It amazed me how much difference there was between fans and critics on this movie. Critics used words like quirky, different, unique, unpredictable. Those words make me want to see a movie more. Then...

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Rated R | For Some Violence, Sexual Content and Dialogue.
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Common Sense Media says Sex, violence in mature romantic drama's dystopian future.
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