Thelma Todd
Date of Birth
Jul 29, 1906
Birth Place:
Lawrence, MA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1936 Patsy Kelly All-American Toothache
1936 Duke York All-American Toothache
1936 James C. Morton The Bohemian Girl
1936 Antonio Moreno The Bohemian Girl
1936 Charles "Buddy" Rogers The Bohemian Girl
1936 Stan Laurel The Bohemian Girl
1936 Mae Busch The Bohemian Girl
1936 Paulette Goddard The Bohemian Girl
1936 James Finlayson The Bohemian Girl
1936 Oliver Hardy The Bohemian Girl
1936 Andrea Leeds The Bohemian Girl
1936 Darla Hood The Bohemian Girl
1935 George Murphy After the Dance
1935 Nancy Carroll After the Dance
1935 Robert Middlemass After the Dance
1935 Thurston Hall After the Dance
1935 Patsy Kelly Hot Money
1935 Laura Hope Crews Lightning Strikes Twice
1935 Edgar Dearing Lightning Strikes Twice
1935 Walter Catlett Lightning Strikes Twice
1935 Ben Lyon Lightning Strikes Twice
1935 Douglas Fowley Two for Tonight
1935 Joan Bennett Two for Tonight
1935 Duke York Two for Tonight
1935 Pat Somerset Two for Tonight
1935 Bing Crosby Two for Tonight
1935 Robert Kent Two for Tonight
1935 Lynne Overman Two for Tonight
1935 Jack Mulhall Two for Tonight
1935 Mary Boland Two for Tonight
1935 Phillips Smalley Two for Tonight
1934 Patsy Kelly Babes in the Goods
1934 Lucille Ball Bottoms Up
1934 Herbert Mundin Bottoms Up
1934 Spencer Tracy Bottoms Up
1934 John Boles Bottoms Up
1934 Sid Silvers Bottoms Up
1934 Billy Gilbert Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Noah Beery, Sr. Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Robert Woolsey Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Harry "Snub" Pollard Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Franklin Pangborn Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Dorothy Lee Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Bert Wheeler Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Patsy Kelly Done in Oil
1934 Robert Woolsey Hips, Hips, Hooray
1934 Dorothy Lee Hips, Hips, Hooray
1934 Bert Wheeler Hips, Hips, Hooray
1934 Patsy Kelly Maid in Hollywood
1934 Robert Armstrong Palooka
1934 Tom Dugan Palooka
1934 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Palooka
1934 William Cagney Palooka
1934 Louise Beavers Palooka
1934 Stanley Fields Palooka
1934 Stuart Erwin Palooka
1934 Lupe Velez Palooka
1934 Jimmy Durante Palooka
1934 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Palooka
1934 Al Hill Palooka
1934 Mary Carlisle Palooka
1934 Edward S. Brophy The Poor Rich
1934 Edward Everett Horton The Poor Rich
1934 Ward Bond The Poor Rich
1934 Andy Devine The Poor Rich
1934 E.E. Clive The Poor Rich
1934 Una O'Connor The Poor Rich
1934 Edna May Oliver The Poor Rich
1934 Leila Hyams The Poor Rich
1934 Grant Mitchell The Poor Rich
1934 Gail Patrick Take the Stand
1934 Berton Churchill Take the Stand
1934 Al Hill Take the Stand
1934 Lew Kelly Take the Stand
1933 Patsy Kelly Air Fright
1933 Jane Darwell Air Hostess
1933 ZaSu Pitts Asleep in the Feet
1933 ZaSu Pitts Bargain of the Century
1933 Patsy Kelly Beauty and the Bus
1933 Mae Busch Cheating Blondes
1933 Doris Kenyon Counsellor-At-Law
1933 John Barrymore Counsellor-At-Law
1933 John Qualen Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Richard Quine Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Isabel Jewell Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Bebe Daniels Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Vincent Sherman Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Melvyn Douglas Counsellor-At-Law
1933 Nat Pendleton Deception
1933 Leo Carrillo Deception
1933 Dickie Moore Deception
1933 George Miller The Devil's Brother
1933 Edith Fellows The Devil's Brother
1933 James C. Morton The Devil's Brother
1933 Oliver Hardy The Devil's Brother
1933 Stan Laurel The Devil's Brother
1933 Cornelius Keefe The Devil's Brother
1933 John Qualen The Devil's Brother
1933 Rolfe Sedan The Devil's Brother
1933 James Finlayson The Devil's Brother
1933 Billy Gilbert Maids a la Mode
1933 ZaSu Pitts Maids a la Mode
1933 Harry Seymour Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Walter Walker Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Harold Huber Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Grace Hayle Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Lyle Talbot Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Una O'Connor Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Harry Myers Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Sidney Miller Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Kay Francis Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 Glenda Farrell Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933 ZaSu Pitts One Track Minds
1933 Frank S. Hagney Sitting Pretty
1933 Walter Walker Sitting Pretty
1933 Ginger Rogers Sitting Pretty
1933 Larry Steers Sitting Pretty
1933 Mack Gordon Sitting Pretty
1933 Phil Tead Sitting Pretty
1933 Russell Powell Sitting Pretty
1933 Gregory Ratoff Sitting Pretty
1933 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Sitting Pretty
1933 Jack Haley Sitting Pretty
1933 Frank LaRue Sitting Pretty
1933 Jack Oakie Sitting Pretty
1933 Fuzzy Knight Sitting Pretty
1933 Joe Sawyer Son of a Sailor
1933 Walter Miller Son of a Sailor
1933 Frank McHugh Son of a Sailor
1933 George Irving Son of a Sailor
1933 Johnny Mack Brown Son of a Sailor
1933 Joe E. Brown Son of a Sailor
1933 Purnell Pratt Son of a Sailor
1932 ZaSu Pitts Alum and Eve
1932 Constance Cummings Big Timer
1932 Charles Grapewin Big Timer
1932 Ben Lyon Big Timer
1932 Tom Dugan Big Timer
1932 Estelle Taylor Call Her Savage
1932 Gilbert Roland Call Her Savage
1932 Mary Gordon Call Her Savage
1932 Clara Bow Call Her Savage
1932 Mischa Auer Call Her Savage
1932 Nat Pendleton Horse Feathers
1932 James Pierce Horse Feathers
1932 Harpo Marx Horse Feathers
1932 Groucho Marx Horse Feathers
1932 Marx Brothers Horse Feathers
1932 Chico Marx Horse Feathers
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Horse Feathers
1932 Pat O'Malley Klondike
1932 Tully Marshall Klondike
1932 Myrtle Stedman Klondike
1932 Lyle Talbot Klondike
1932 Henry B. Walthall Klondike
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes Klondike
1932 Billy Gilbert The Nickel Nurser
1932 Charley Chase The Nickel Nurser
1932 ZaSu Pitts On the Loose
1932 Stan Laurel On the Loose
1932 Oliver Hardy On the Loose
1932 Billy Gilbert On the Loose
1932 ZaSu Pitts Red Noses
1932 Billy Gilbert Red Noses
1932 Billy Gilbert Seal Skins
1932 ZaSu Pitts Seal Skins
1932 ZaSu Pitts Show Business
1932 Charlie Hall Show Business
1932 ZaSu Pitts Sneak Easily
1932 Billy Gilbert Sneak Easily
1932 ZaSu Pitts The Soilers
1932 Buster Keaton Speak Easily
1932 Edward S. Brophy Speak Easily
1932 Jimmy Durante Speak Easily
1932 Sidney Toler Speak Easily
1932 William Pawley Speak Easily
1932 Hedda Hopper Speak Easily
1932 ZaSu Pitts Strictly Unreliable
1932 Billy Gilbert Strictly Unreliable
1932 Claire Dodd This Is the Night
1932 Davison Clark This Is the Night
1932 Roland Young This Is the Night
1932 Cary Grant This Is the Night
1932 Charlie Ruggles This Is the Night
1931 Dickie Moore Aloha
1931 Al St. John Aloha
1931 Ben Lyon Aloha
1931 Alan Hale Aloha
1931 Joe E. Brown Broadminded
1931 Bela Lugosi Broadminded
1931 Ona Munson Broadminded
1931 ZaSu Pitts Catch as Catch Can
1931 Billy Gilbert Catch as Catch Can
1931 Oliver Hardy Chickens Come Home
1931 Stan Laurel Chickens Come Home
1931 James Finlayson Chickens Come Home
1931 Mae Busch Chickens Come Home
1931 Neil Hamilton The Command Performance
1931 Murdock MacQuarrie The Command Performance
1931 Mischa Auer The Command Performance
1931 William Von Brincken The Command Performance
1931 Una Merkel The Command Performance
1931 Lilli Palmer The Command Performance
1931 Chester Morris Corsair
1931 Ned Sparks Corsair
1931 Fred Kohler Corsair
1931 Frank McHugh Corsair
1931 George Irving The Hot Heiress
1931 Joe Bernard The Hot Heiress
1931 Ben Lyon The Hot Heiress
1931 Walter Pidgeon The Hot Heiress
1931 Max Wagner The Hot Heiress
1931 Ona Munson The Hot Heiress
1931 Tom Dugan The Hot Heiress
1931 ZaSu Pitts Let's Do Things
1931 Bebe Daniels The Maltese Falcon
1931 Dwight Frye The Maltese Falcon
1931 Ricardo Cortez The Maltese Falcon
1931 Una Merkel The Maltese Falcon
1931 John Farrell MacDonald The Maltese Falcon
1931 Dudley Digges The Maltese Falcon
1931 Marx Brothers Monkey Business
1931 Chico Marx Monkey Business
1931 Harpo Marx Monkey Business
1931 Groucho Marx Monkey Business
1931 Billy Gilbert The Pajama Party
1931 ZaSu Pitts The Pajama Party
1931 Charley Chase The Pip from Pittsburgh
1931 Dorothy Granger The Pip from Pittsburgh
1931 Charley Chase Rough Seas
1931 Charlotte Greenwood Stepping Out
1931 Reginald Denny Stepping Out
1931 Cliff Edwards Stepping Out
1931 Leila Hyams Stepping Out
1931 Charley Chase Stepping Out
1931 Walter Miller Swanee River
1931 ZaSu Pitts War Mamas
1930 Edgar Kennedy All Teed Up
1930 Charley Chase All Teed Up
1930 James Finlayson Another Fine Mess
1930 Stan Laurel Another Fine Mess
1930 Oliver Hardy Another Fine Mess
1930 Dorothy Granger Dollar Dizzy
1930 Edgar Kennedy Dollar Dizzy
1930 Charley Chase Dollar Dizzy
1930 Harry Langdon The Fighting Parson
1930 Eugene Pallette Follow Thru
1930 Jack Haley Follow Thru
1930 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Follow Thru
1930 Nancy Carroll Follow Thru
1930 Virginia Bruce Follow Thru
1930 Frances Dee Follow Thru
1930 Harry Langdon The Head Guy
1930 Helen Twelvetrees Her Man
1930 Franklin Pangborn Her Man
1930 James Gleason Her Man
1930 George "Slim" Summerville Her Man
1930 Stanley Fields Her Man
1930 Ricardo Cortez Her Man
1930 Charley Chase High C's
1930 Dorothy Granger King
1930 Harry Langdon King
1930 Charley Chase Looser Than Loose
1930 Dorothy Granger Looser Than Loose
1930 Edgar Kennedy Looser Than Loose
1930 Charley Chase The Real Mccoy
1930 Harry Langdon Shrimp
1930 Charley Chase Whispering Whoopee
1930 Carl Stockdale Whispering Whoopee
1929 Jacqueline Logan The Bachelor Girl
1929 Antonio Moreno Careers
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Careers
1929 Billie Dove Careers
1929 Charley Chase Crazy Feet
1929 ZaSu Pitts Her Private Life
1929 Roland Young Her Private Life
1929 Billie Dove Her Private Life
1929 Walter Pidgeon Her Private Life
1929 Montagu Love Her Private Life
1929 Edgar Kennedy Hotter Than Hot
1929 Harry Langdon Hotter Than Hot
1929 Walter Brennan The Long, Long Trail
1929 Hoot Gibson The Long, Long Trail
1929 Sally Eilers The Long, Long Trail
1929 Jack Mulhall Naughty Baby
1929 Alice White Naughty Baby
1929 Benny Rubin Naughty Baby
1929 Andy Devine Naughty Baby
1929 George E. Stone Naughty Baby
1929 Louise Fazenda Seven Footprints to Satan
1929 Angelo Rossitto Seven Footprints to Satan
1929 Creighton Hale Seven Footprints to Satan
1929 Sally Eilers Trial Marriage
1929 Norman Kerry Trial Marriage
1929 Rosemary Theby Trial Marriage
1929 Stan Laurel Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Mae Busch Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Oliver Hardy Unaccustomed as We Are
1929 Edgar Kennedy Unaccustomed as We Are
1928 John Farrell MacDonald Aaron Slick
1928 Jean Hersholt Aaron Slick
1928 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Aaron Slick
1928 Nancy Carroll Aaron Slick
1928 William Demarest Crash
1928 Milton Sills Crash
1928 Montagu Love The Haunted House
1928 Flora Finch The Haunted House
1928 Lucien Littlefield Heart to Heart
1928 Louise Fazenda Heart to Heart
1928 Mary Astor Heart to Heart
1928 Richard Barthelmess The Noose
1928 Alice Joyce The Noose
1928 Montagu Love The Noose
1928 Ed Brady The Noose
1928 Gustav von Seyffertitz Vamping Venus
1928 Louise Fazenda Vamping Venus
1928 Russell Powell Vamping Venus
1928 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Vamping Venus
1927 Richard Dix Gay Defender
1927 Fred Kohler Gay Defender
1927 Gary Cooper Nevada
1927 Guy Oliver Nevada
1927 William Powell Nevada
1927 Ed Wynn Rubber Heels
1927 Ruth Donnelly Rubber Heels
1927 Neil Hamilton The Shield of Honor
1926 Malcolm St. Clair Fascinating Youth
1926 Lois Wilson Fascinating Youth
1926 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Fascinating Youth
1926 Lewis Milestone Fascinating Youth
1926 Percy Marmont Fascinating Youth
1926 Adolphe Menjou Fascinating Youth
1926 Richard Dix Fascinating Youth
1926 Clara Bow Fascinating Youth
1926 Thomas Meighan Fascinating Youth
1926 Lila Lee Fascinating Youth
1926 Jack Mulhall God Gave Me Twenty Cents
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