History, Friendship & Commitment, Comedy

By madly_in_love
Written February 01, 2009
It is the heartwarming story of an 11 year old boy, coming of age, named Proffy. He sees the British soldiers as the enemy and would do anything to rid his life of any of them. His friends than begin to devise the plan that would do just that. A curfew in the city has been set, of which Proffy is late coming home one night and is seized by the enemy. What entails is a friendship, and a great love, like no other. Would recommend for anyone over the age of 9.
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the little Traitor

By benhur28
Written November 10, 2009
i liked this movie because it was different. it was about something. A universal them even though it takes place in Israel during the British Mandate which is a pretty interesting time in history. It was educational but without letting you know it was being educational. In fact it didn't hit you over the head with anything. It brought you into the story very easily and kept my attention throughout. It was at times very, very funny and the ending was such a surprise and really beautiful. I Alfred Molina was terrific and the little boy was awsome. I also thought the music was fantastic.
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Five Word Review

By sandyizzy
Written November 13, 2009
Wonderful heartwarming sensitive character study
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The Little Traitor

By sandi-k
Written April 19, 2010
This is a wonderful heartwarming coming of age story set in the days before the independence of Israel. Molina is his usual spectacular self but the gem is this 10 year old boy. There are numerous poignant and humorous moments. This is a must see. Everyone who I have sent to see it absolutely loved it.
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Five Word Review

By sbcbrad
Written May 19, 2010
Molina shines in heartwarming comedy/drama
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