The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live! Synopsis
The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live! is a Special Engagement theatrical experience, which combines the film with an interactive tablet device and allows guests to interact with the film by engaging with key elements of the movie in real time.

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Review of The Little Mermaid

By ana923
Do you like scary movies? Then The Little Mermaid is the movie for you! Last week, I went to see The Little Mermaid in a big big big big big movie theater. It was sooooo cool! I went there with my...

Best movie!!

By korzpa
My son loved this ! it was very interactive. It had so many things to do during the movie....

So much fun!

By wannaknow98
I dragged my son and husband with me. We had a blast! Headed to a different theater with friends to see it again. I have thoroughly enjoyed reliving my childhood and pretending to be a princess. :-)...

the little mermaid

By fkarafin


By theaguileragirls1999
I was born after The Little Mermaid originally came out in theaters. This is my favorite movie, so it was amazing to see it in the big screen. I didn't use the app, but it was still great. A few...

Teaching our kids to have no attention span

By logancmd
Even if you left the iPad at home, you couldn't just watch the movie. Disney has placed game reminders and such on top of the movie, and in several portions of the film (including the emotional...


By andreasmith21587
It was good. Glad I got to see it on the big screen. The only thing I wish was the dialog on the bottom wouldn't have been over the movie, like it should have been below the movie and not across it....


By Clancy

On movie screen great, interactive stuff annoying

By lisaclaussen
My daughters and I went to see this because this has been my 7-year old's favorite princess since she was 2. None of us enjoyed the "interactive" elements. They were more like constant...


By metrocutlery
Putrid,horrible, and disgusting!...

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