Richie Really is the Little Fugitive

By Catskillspete
Written January 12, 2014
Brooklyn and Coney Island are as real as can be in the 50's. I was there and this is a great time capsule of the area. I worked with Richie at the 1964 World's Fair as Escorter Drivers in the "Protocol" Division for Greyhound. We were private escorts for the elites, government officials, dignitaries, etc. Richie and I spent an entire day with the Prince and Princess of Sigim (absorbed into China eventually). The American, Hope Cooke was the "Princess" and I had the honor of escorting her and her companions while Richie escorted the Prince. Richie was VERY proud of his movie, The Little Fugitive, and after seeing it many times I knew why. Richie, if you read this I wish you the best and fond memories from the 1965 World's Fair, NYC. Everyone, see this delightful, fun time capsule of an innocent time that is long gone. Your old buddy, Pete, a retired musician.
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