The List (2006) Synopsis
A man (Wayne Brady) makes a list of qualities wanted for the ideal mate.

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A decent thriller with a message

By coaster_junkie
I've read the book and of course the book is always better, but for a low-budget film I thought they did a pretty decent job. Opening weekend, the crowds loved this in Charlotte!...

great film

By crvid
This film is really good. Incredibly beautiful. Totally authentic southern film. It does deal with religion but it's nice to finally see a well-made non preachy film....

awesome film

By sw0828
Very well shot film. Great acting from McDowell, Hilarie Burton and Will Patton. Carrington from JAG is nice in it too. Got great reviews in Charlotte....

strong performances in a good film

By bulldogfan1
What a breath of fresh air. A serious movie that talks about faith in a non-preachy way. I liked all of the actors but thought Hilarie Burton and Malcolm McDowell stole the show. It is also based...

One of the worst movies I have ever seen

By dugan81
I have seen a lot of movies, independent and big budget. This movie was just awful. Their poor southern accents made me want to leave the theater alone. It was worse than a lifetime movie. The plot...

Good Movie

By BeachGoer
Well shot and edited. Actors are really good. Malcom McDowell is amazing in this role. Great movie about the old south and fun to see shots of Charletson in the movie. Has a really good message...

Not What I Expected

By lindsaynell
The trailer called The List a "drama, suspense, thriller." It failed in these catagories. I found that the religious message was way to overpowering and took away from the meat of the story. It...

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What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Cute romantic comedy has a few racy scenes.
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