The Lion of Judah Synopsis
A lamb and his stable mates try to avoid the sacraficial alter.
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Lion of Judah

By ferne1
Great movie for parents with children and/or grandparents who want to take their grandchildren for a wholesome outing. It is a movie with a message that will last a lifetime. Loved the characters...

hope for mankind

By wcstavig
I am sorry so many unbelievers feel the need to comment. If you don't want to believe the truth about Christ don't go. So sad that people who don't believe in God spend so much time and energy on...

The Lion of Judah review

By dlstrumpet
Inferior animation, sloppy narrative, poorly scripted. Will have to rely on DVD sales and rentals to recoup their investment....

Little lamb found a place in my heart!

By CrazyExcalibur
The fact that so many will take the time to give a low review to this movie, says so much of the multitudes of people that are living in this world. I really appreciate that this film made it to the...

The Lion of judah

By Emmie'smama
The soundtrack was magnificent. The animation spectacular. My daughter & her friend (8 & 9 ) enjoyed the movie....

Love is the greatest!

By lowell1970
Either you're a Christian or Not you'd have to be "nuts" not to appreciate the kind of love portrayed in this movie... Why would it be easy for some people to appreciate fiction and not Christianity?...

great for family

By M0m2001
Refreshing to have a non violent non sic fi cartoon....

Funny film!!

By Ltnluv23
Movie was funny and all around fun. Nothing out of this world (no pun), but fun movie....


By xtOnYz
Saw this with my nephew who wanted to see it. Just saw UP which was my first animated movie seen in ages, and thought it would be cute. Kids have it rough as it is without an innocent looking cartoon...

seems ok

By harrysmoviecrazy
It might be ok....

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Rated PG | For Some mild thematic elements
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Amateurish animation mars Christian animal tale about Jesus.
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