• Released
  • September 16, 2011
  • (Original release date: 06/15/94)
  • G , 1 hr 27 min
  • Animated

It's the Lion King!!!

By mheiseyjr
Written September 19, 2011
As good as the first time I saw when I was a kid. My daughter loved it!!!
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Holds up

By njulien
Written September 26, 2011
I thought the limited release was 3D only, but I happened to find a showtime that wasn't in 3D. The animation took some getting used to. It felt like I was watching a moving coloring book but once I took myself back to the time of this films' release I remembered how ground breaking it was then. Once I settled into that mindset I was able to lose myself in this film once again. I owned this movie on VHS and probably know every word and song. It is a timeless classic. I cried like a baby several times. I laughed out loud at scenes i've seen numerous times. I left the theater feeling encouraged and inspired. See it for the first time, see it again, see it alone, see it with your friends or with your kids, but see it.
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By lyric252
Written September 30, 2011
Another Disney classic filled with adventure, heart and undeniable memorable characters. And the 3D effects was a nice touch to the overall experience.
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By boocheyrox
Written February 20, 2012
I love this movie!!!! I saw it in 3D and right when it came out on DVD I bought it. it has such an important message in it everyone should see this movie!!
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Love the movie, disappointed in theatre sound quality.

By dontworrybehappy
Written September 19, 2011
After watching this on my home surround system for years and loving hearing he layered and vibrant music, I was disappointed in the sound quality at the theater. The music and the songs sounded very flat. It really took away from the big screen experience I had hoped for. I did not see the 3D version in the theater. I don't know if the sound quality is any different between the 3D vs non 3D versions.
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