A fantastic flashback

By RubyRed238
Written September 19, 2011
The last time I saw the whole Lion King movie was when I originally saw it in theaters in 1994 when I was 4 years old. 17 years later, sitting in the theater, I was transported back to my childhood. I couldn't resist singing along to the songs, crying at the sad parts, and laughing a the funny parts. The theater was filled with people much like myself and my boyfriend. Couples, all around my age, no children, no middle-aged adults. My generation enjoying a movie from our childhood. While the 3D wasn't too spectacular, it certainly did add that extra "umph" that I was looking forward to seeing. The movie was just as spectacular as it was as a 4 year old. I was pleasantly surprised realizing that not only was Matthew Broderick the voice of grown Simba, but Nathan Lane as Timone, both things I wouldn't have realized as a child. This movie is perfect for every Disney fan, young or old, all you have to be is a kid at heart.
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Still great after so many years!

By rick4464
Written September 24, 2011
Disney did an incredible job with the 3D on this movie. I loved this movie when it originally came out because of the animation and storyline. Hollywood is now lacking in originality and have not been able to come up with movies like this for many years. Enjoy this movie!!
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By keny_08
Written September 17, 2011
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By Aloha_Movie_Gal
Written September 30, 2011
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The Lion King 3D review

By Kitt-Kitt
Written September 30, 2011
Best 3D conversion ever!
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