The Lincoln Lawyer

By Fandango Movie Tickets
Written April 07, 2011
My boyfriend and I liked the movie. Thought it was good. We would definetly recommend it.
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Praise for Lincoln Lawyer

By npalladino
Written April 13, 2011
Engaging and well-directed, Matthew McConaughney in The Lincoln Lawyer delivers a believable and sophisticated presentation of an L.A. defense lawyer, whose street savvy and intellectual propensity prove a match for audiences. I enjoyed the on-screen chemistry between he and his co-star Marissa Tomei, and I think that the director really captured the essence of the screenplay on which this film is based. I would reccommend it to any and all.
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Never a Dull Moment

By pastager
Written April 14, 2011
Excellent movie with great characters. McConaughey does a masterful job. I read the book several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the movie was true to the book. Hope we will see Matthew in another "Lincoln Lawyer" movie!
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Lincoln Lawyer

By yjenkins
Written April 10, 2011
Good Movie - Good story line.
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The Lincoln Lawyer

By mountain gal
Written April 21, 2011
Thought it was a good movie...Would give it 3 stars!
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