Great movie! Matthew should win an award!

By mlehua
Written July 29, 2011
I saw the previews on another DVD rental and rented it when it came out. IT IS AWESOME! My husband and I enjoyed the mystery of it and thought Matthew McConaughey did a great job with this role. I could see this becoming a television series, but not sure if it's not Matthew playing the role of the attorney. Go rent this movie, it's not for kids, teenagers may enjoy it but definitely go see it.
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Almost As Good As The Book

By I_AmLegendary
Written July 10, 2011
While this movie cuts alot from the book it is still a great movie. The best movie Matthew McConaughey has done since A Time To Kill hands down. Great cast who used very little but did so much with their characters to make them rememberable.
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Don't Miss This One!

By jharris206
Written March 19, 2011
First of all, I have always liked movies in which Matthew McConaughey stars. This movie has a lot of twist and turns. I wasn't able to guess the ending midway through as happens in many movies. I started to gather my things to leave twice, thinking that it was over, but something else happened that kept me gluded in my seat. It was a good story, great acting and full of surprises! I think because of the subject matter, I would suggest that it would be good entertainment for anyone from high school age and up and maybe a mature middle school student.
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The Lincoln Lawyer review

By gruvnfunk
Written September 10, 2011
Such a great lawyer movie!
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No dull moment

By prettylady78
Written March 27, 2011
From the opening scene, this movie leaves you in suspense until the very end. Sure, there may be a few times you may say "I saw that coming", this movie throws out enough red herrings that you will start saying "Hmm.. I did not see that coming." It was definitely worth the movie and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD so I can purchase it for my home collection.
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