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The Lego Movie

By info849
Written February 20, 2014
The general premise of the film was good. The animation was done beautifully and the imagination throughout the entire piece was well-done. Strewn in were subtle jokes that had me laughing out loud. The real test were my 5 and 6 year old. My 5 year old who operates with an active imagination and is a die-hard Lego warrior, was entertained but definitely confused. My 6 year old was entertained but didn't make any mention of it after the film. We even tried singing "Everyone is Awesome!" - to no avail. My biggest complaint is that the wrap up with Will Farrell should have started off the film. We wouldn't have lost anything. Instead of being confused by how random things were throughout the film, we could have had some tiny insight into this being inside the mind of a creative child. Also, really guys on casting all these Vanilla people? Arnett - fabulous, Liam Neeson - superb...but the rest of your A-team cast, would have been better served with some talented unknown voice artists.
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Interesting but overhyped

By Longsnap67
Written February 09, 2014
Took the family for a winter afternoon activity. It was funny at parts and visually appealing but a slow 20 min backstory in the beginning and long 20 min ending led my kids make multiple statements of thier boredom. Its definitely a so-so $40 activity. The 5 year old behind us was ready to go at the 70min mark of this 100min movie. With little options on a cold winter day, this is an option. Just a little over-sold in my opinion.
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Lego Movie was fun for the whole family

By ariel28771
Written February 09, 2014
My family and I really enjoyed the Lego Movie! I loved how the movie was done completely out of legos which was even more incredible when you see how they did effects such as water and such. It was very neat. The story line was very funny and even had a few pieces of adult humor in it for the grown-ups, lol. I also like how lego tied in lego terminology such as the age groups normally advised for lego sets, the use of instructions, and the true meaning of being a "master builder". It was really tied into aspects of legos that kids understand and really works to spark their imagination. I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell and was extremely pleased to see him playing a big role in this movie. The movie was definitely made for the whole family and the lesson is that legos are more than just a toy. They can bring families together and open up the imagination, no matter how old you are. Definitely worth watching!
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Good family film

By svalencia1
Written February 09, 2014
I did not really enjoy the movie all that much (did like the ending though) with that being said my children and husband loved it! They have already requested that we purchase it as soon as it comes out.
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The LEGO Movie

By movielubberdangit
Written February 10, 2014
It was better than the last three movies I went to that star Academy Award nominees. Lots of fun and plenty to keep the parents interested.
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