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Great movie for the whole family

By cyberholdings
Written February 09, 2014
I have taken my kids, who are both 7, to a lot of kid's movies and i was genuinely impressed with this one. Everyone in the whole theater was laughing and having a great time. The kids were singing a long and cracking up.. it really was a great movie. Lego did a brilliant job bringing this to life. Adults and kids can share the same feeling that the story brought to heart in the end.
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Great humor for all ages

By davidrberg
Written February 17, 2014
The humor in this movie is fantaaaaaaaaaaastic. Good for all ages as well. Hollywood just proved it is possible to make a genuinely funny move without using the F word 1000 times per hour. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but, that is OK too. The plot and script are simple, but, hey simple things appeal to all.
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The Lego Movie - Well Done.

By wc623
Written February 10, 2014
Watching this movie was like watching a child's home video given an extremely large budget, including big name actors and unlimited access to Lego bricks. Everyone I know that has seen it, loved it - boy, girls, and parents. This is a must-go-and-watch in the theater, then buy the Bluray and watch it some more. This is a multi-layer cornucopia of fun, artistry, and comedy. It was well written with humor and wit. The Lego structures were creatively designed and awesome to watch some of the enormity and scale, large and miniature. I particularly enjoyed the underlying message, and creativity of it all. The comedy and gags were also entertaining.
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How dare they!

By koveast
Written March 28, 2014
This movie epitomizes what's wrong with America. The non-stop violence of this so-called "kiddy" film serves only to de-sensitize young minds to violence in the world. It glamorizes hurting others. I took my two six year old kids and walked out halfway into it. The biggest piece of trash to ever hit the screen.
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34 years old, and it is still hilarious

By tigey
Written February 09, 2014
The production did a wonderful job on this movie. Lots of comedy, a little bit or moral, and more pop culture references than you can shake a stick at.
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