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The LEGO movie

By tdosten
Written November 11, 2014
This is a good film for kids and adults to see together. The story is a little light, but we can all relate to the scenarios that Lego characters found themselves in as I think we've all had that creative moment in our life where we thought we did great stuff! Special effects were pretty good and I'm looking forward to it coming out in 3D at home.
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Everything was AWESOME!

By sdotnova
Written October 24, 2014
When I purchased tickets for this movie, I figured that mainly the kids would enjoy it & it'll just be 90 minutes of blah. This was not the case! The Lego Movie is hands down, the best movie of 2014 so far & that's saying something! Absolutely a sleeper hit for me. I loved it!
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Lego - Awesome

Written February 07, 2014
We went to the special 10:00pm showing of this movie Thursday 02/06/14. My very sensitive 8 1/2 year old son thought it was a little too violent so he was disappointed because he dressed in a home-made costume as Emmet with the Piece of Resistance and everything to go to the movie and has been counting the days down on his LEGO calendar. If you have young sensitive kids, you might want to be prepared to cover their eyes a couple of times. (He didn't like the purple minions in Despicable Me2 or the trash compactor scene in Toy Story 3 either and gets upset at TV commercials) But other than that GREAT story, funny scenes, good lessons about teamwork, believing in yourself and family. There were fun character surprises. Animation was AWESOME especially the ocean scene. Music was great-we already have the soundtrack. Be sure to watch the credits. :)
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Unexpectedly Hilarious

By erstunt
Written February 10, 2014
An exceptional example of a movie the whole family can enjoy. I was laughing almost the entire movie! It even has a good, family moral about communication between a parent and child.
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By Lauren1010
Written February 08, 2014
So much fun! Brings the kid out in all of us. I have never written a review for a movie, but I had to for this one. It was worth the wait, and i will be going again! So imaginative! In some ways it can make you question who you are at the end of the movie! Just go!
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