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Everything was AWESOME!

By sdotnova
Written August 05, 2015
When I purchased tickets for this movie, I figured that mainly the kids would enjoy it & it'll just be 90 minutes of blah. This was not the case! The Lego Movie is hands down, the best movie of 2014 so far & that's saying something! Absolutely a sleeper hit for me. I loved it!
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Brick by brick

By JettParmer
Written February 10, 2014
The Lego movie promises to build on every preconceived notion of what an animated movie featuring the world famous blocks might bring. The movie also provides some extremely wry insights and unexpected plot twists for moviegoers of all ages. The voice over work of Will Farrell and cast lend surprising depth to the plastic figure stars and the ever present voice of Morgan Freeman has become the staple of movie narration. Take your kids, take yourself and be prepared to laugh
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The Lego Movie

By kimbolina77
Written September 12, 2014
It was very cute. The jokes were pretty good and I liked the characters. The animation was very good, although the fast movement gave me a headache, so I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had gone to the 3-D version. It was worth seeing in the theatre. My son really enjoyed it as well. Plan on having the theme song stuck in your head for the rest of your life as well. We were both singing it all night.
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The Lego Movie

By info849
Written February 20, 2014
The general premise of the film was good. The animation was done beautifully and the imagination throughout the entire piece was well-done. Strewn in were subtle jokes that had me laughing out loud. The real test were my 5 and 6 year old. My 5 year old who operates with an active imagination and is a die-hard Lego warrior, was entertained but definitely confused. My 6 year old was entertained but didn't make any mention of it after the film. We even tried singing "Everyone is Awesome!" - to no avail. My biggest complaint is that the wrap up with Will Farrell should have started off the film. We wouldn't have lost anything. Instead of being confused by how random things were throughout the film, we could have had some tiny insight into this being inside the mind of a creative child. Also, really guys on casting all these Vanilla people? Arnett - fabulous, Liam Neeson - superb...but the rest of your A-team cast, would have been better served with some talented unknown voice artists.
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Very good movie!

By kimubui
Written February 16, 2014
Overall a great movie. Probably not so for kids younger then 8 yrs old. Adults and older kids will definitely get all the nuances since it parodies all the best action movies. Would see it again.
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