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Great inventive quirky funny movie for all ages

By danjb
Written September 10, 2015
I'm 50 years old and went to this movie with my 14 year old and 18 year old, and we all loved it. It's got a creative sense of humor refreshing in these days of tired animated movies that mostly rely on bathroom humor or silly animals. Plus, it's got Will Ferrell!
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absolutely AWESOME!

By pbssproutmom
Written November 30, 2015
as the movie's theme song suggests.. Everything is Awesome! I took my 8yr old and we both enjoyed it immensely! I was very pleased with the underlying moral so to speak and life lesson. The ending was a complete surprise tho! a very wonderful movie that is fully deserved all the pre-release hype!
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Great humor for all ages

By davidrberg
Written February 08, 2016
The humor in this movie is fantaaaaaaaaaaastic. Good for all ages as well. Hollywood just proved it is possible to make a genuinely funny move without using the F word 1000 times per hour. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but, that is OK too. The plot and script are simple, but, hey simple things appeal to all.
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By jasmine174
Written September 10, 2015
What an unexpected treat this movie is. The story line is original, focusing on the perils of conformity. The writing is great and the animation, which gives the look of stop motion, is a visual treat. Loved everything about this movie!
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Fun, Clever, Good Core Message

By jackieyangwilliams
Written September 10, 2015
This is an entertaining movie with the good core message that everyone has creativity within them, not only those who are "designated" to be the creative ones. It's quick paced, adults will get the little comments on the side, and yes, it is a big commercial but that's okay. It re-inspires people to look at and play with Lego differently. When I asked my 8 year old if he thought it was "too long, too short, just right", he said "too short" because he wanted more.
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