By Mtriviso31
Written February 15, 2014
The best part of the movie was the creativeness. To be honest I actually expected a bit more from how hyped this movie was getting. I still believe it's a good movie and it does provide some comic relief but lacked a bit in story.
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Run Dont Walk!!!

By Scarface1973
Written February 18, 2014
What can I say...This is one of the greatest kids movies I have seen in a very long time hands down...The only way you could be disappointed by this movie is if u never went to see it...period...Dont waste another day...please drop whatever u r doing and see this funny, very intelligent piece of artwork...I am waiting for the sequel as we speak!!!
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By rjpistella
Written February 09, 2014
Must go to see if you ever played with, purchased, watched kids play with, or any connection to Legos. It was a well done movie with a twist. Effects great and 3D was worth it. My son who is 13 loved it.
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The Lego Movie 3D

By icoin
Written February 10, 2014
Funny movie. It seemed to keep the attention of all kids in the theater, my 9 year old, Lego builder grandson, included. I'd skip the 3D as there didn't seem to be a lot of 3D in the movie. Get there early!
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Vibrant Animation on a Chilly Day

By oarivers
Written February 09, 2014
The LEGO Movie 3D provided a much needed fun break on a chilly Saturday afternoon for three children and their grandmother. The LEGO Movie 3D was bright, lively, filled with adventure, and 3D enhanced the expectations. Great movie! We loved the outcome and the human aspect brought in at the end.
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