The LEGO Movie 3D Synopsis
An ordinary LEGO figurine (Chris Pratt) mistakenly becomes part of a quest to stop a tyrant's plan.

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By Susan Wloszczyna
Everything in The Lego Movie is, indeed, awesome.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Peter Hartlaub
The movie is a wonderful surprise, cleverly written and executed brick by brick with a visual panache.
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The Playlist

By Drew Taylor
The Lego Movie is an absolute blast—a whip-smart, surprisingly emotional family film where the toy property is seen less as a concrete...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Michael Rechtshaffen
It’s a non-stop blast from beginning to end, jam-packed with a wacky irreverence, dazzling state-of-the-art CGI (courtesy of Animal Logic)...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
Finally! A comedy that works.
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Arizona Republic

By Bill Goodykoontz
The Lego Movie is a delight, a funny, fast-moving film that should satisfy adults and children alike.
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Village Voice

By Amy Nicholson
Lord and Miller do great work within constraints, taking pre-made pieces and fashioning them into feats worthy of applause. It's no wonder...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Zwecker
The visuals are spectacular, the 3D technology is artfully used and the storyline is jam-packed with so many funny lines, it’s hard to...
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By Peter Debruge
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller irreverently deconstruct the state of the modern blockbuster and deliver a smarter, more satisfying...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The all-Lego adventure is warm and witty, showing flashes of satire.
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By Daledvm
I went last weekend to the Chicago premiere. Being a big fan of LEGO, I was worried whether they would carry this movie off. Usually when I am surprised by a movie it is for the worse. This movie...

totally AWESOME

By idoefx
Everything is AWESOME about this flick. Lego left no design to chance and they tell a fun story with a twist that is what LEGO is truly about. Great for kids, adults will relive the joy LEGO brings....

Everything is Awesome (will be stuck in your head)

By tressiemelton01
Saw this movie in 3D, still have the song stuck in my head. Emmit will pull on your heart strings, make you feel like you're a Lego character right along side him and might even make you stop and...

Better than I could have imagined!

By calamityjean1971
I can't wait to see it again! The jokes were great for the whole family and they really grab bed all that is good about Lego videos and pack them into a movie you can love....

Lego Movie 3D

By Mrsgadget99
If you have ever liked playing with Lego's you will love this movie kids and parents alike. We all truly enjoyed the characters, story, and craftsmanship! We loved it!...


By ljoatl
I don't mind going to kids movies but wasn't particularly looking forward to this one. It was awesome even for an adult! My son loved it! Went straight home and started playing with his Legos he...

If you have a lego fan, this is a must see

By NashvilleRob
My youngest son (11) is a huge Lego fan, Christmas and his birthday every year that is all he wants for a present. Since his brother (13) and him are home-schooled this year, I decided to surprise him...

What a Mashup!

By mldcomm
Matrix, SpongeBob, Justice League, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Ring, Toy Story and everything in between. Extremely funny and well choreographed. I'm a big Lego fan and it was great just to see how...

The LEGO Movie

I took myself, my son and his wife and his four kids to see this movie. The kids were all hyped for it. However, my son and his wife and I dozed off about a third of the way in to the movie. It was...

Everything is AWESOME

By richard145
This movie was a non-stop joy from the moment it started until they rolled the credits. Funny, sharp, witty and unbelievably original. I am a 50 year-old dad and I took my teenage sons. We all...

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Rated PG | For Mild Action and Rude Humor
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 6+ Hilarious toy tale plugs product but is nonstop fun.
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