Hercoles 3-D

By gregorysmovie2012
Written January 15, 2014
To start with the 3-D at the start was out of focus, the 15 people that where in the theatre started complaining had to get a manager and restart the movie. DUH! The movie seamed to be out of focus through the whole movie, the 3-D was not that great. I've seen other Hercules movies, the acting much better. Myself, I started to leave but I was with other freind's. SORRY
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not bad not great

By mstaheli84
Written January 11, 2014
Honestly, when I went to see this wasn't sure what to expect but figured why not. Now it's by no means a bad movie, but it's just not a great movie. If there is nothing else to watch then this will do but, don't have your expectations to high
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See it in 3D

By joyjoyhd
Written January 14, 2014
This is one of the those movies that's most effective to watch in 3D. You'll miss some of the flavor of the movie and enjoyment if you don't. That's not to suggest it isn't good to watch on the normal screen. It's action packed -- the slo-mo scenes reminded me a little of the movie 300. If you want to see lots of action, cool graphics, this is your movie. And yes, it does have a decent storyline.
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I do enjoy it.

By zhaoluoxi
Written January 12, 2014
Due to a lot of critical reviews here and there, I went to the cinema this afternoon without too much expectation. However, after seeing it, I would say this movie is great. Both the hero and heroine are attractive, the plot is simple but still attractive. Love it. Much better than 47 ronin...
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The Legend of Hercules

By walterf565
Written January 11, 2014
I think the movie was alright and worth seeing, but I do feel it was a little lacking. I think they spent so much time and effort on the 3-D portion that the movie and story line suffered. Many spots with special 3-Deffects seemed to be forced just do they could add more 3-D. (Like the portion where Hercules won the batt;e for his freedom and they threw in all the gold coins just to add to the 3-D).
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