The Lazarus Effect Synopsis
From masters of horror Blumhouse Productions - THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows a group of researchers who've achieved the unimaginable- bringing the dead back to life. #EvilWillRise
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Short, predictable, not scary

By DeanHH
I love horror, and I love Olivia Wilde, so I had high hopes for this film. Sadly, it didn't deliver. First off, it's not even an hour-and-a-half long, so that should tell you something. There's lots...


By nyrangersfn11
Not even 1 star!...

By anthonyjr2009
It was ok i expected more it was kind of weak...

the suck effect

By metfan138
not only did this movie suck, it came in under 80 minutes which was merciful but a ripoff when you consider dollar value. even the trailers shown before the film were subpar. was nice to get out of...

Not really scary - Scary Lucy Wannabe

By spthornton87
The plot is not the worst I've seen but it just wasn't scary. Scariest part is when a dog gets loose. It is like they tried to take the movie Lucy and make it scary. Kinda a let down....

Tf did I just watch.

By williamwilson1599
What was any of that. It was so...bad. God awful and not scary....

I liked it

By Wil Antoine
It wasn't that bad of a movie. It made you think a lot about afterlife. It was filled with cheap scares but it was genuinely creepy and the acting was good....

1 hour 23 minutes I'll never get back.

By rob350
BAD movie. Confusing reasoning behind effect of the experiment. Plot additions (big business acquiring research) that was unneeded. It seems they tried to tie the science of death and the brain,...

Complete letdown!

By billfloresjf
I went in expecting not a good horror movie but at least something decent. I left feeling very disapointed. Obviously there are gona be holes in the plot but at least the dialogue should be...


By milenkette
More funny than scary, much funny, many lawl....

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Seq of Horror Violence, Terror and Some Sexual References
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Common Sense Media says Talent wasted in scary but cliché resurrection tale.
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