The Last Station Synopsis
Leo Tolstoy (Christopher Plummer) and his wife (Helen Mirren) battle over his literary estate.
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The Last Station

By chavchav
Beautiful, touching, funny, expertly done....

On human values and relationships

By Sarah Wisdom
"The Last Station" invites us to reflect on what it means to be human. On one hand, we explore with the characters the conflict between visions of an ideal society and the concrete realities of daily...

Excellent, Beautiful FIlm

By Show Me Move Me Change Me
A Brilliant film! Lush. lovely, hilarious. Interesting. Stellar performances by all....

New York Times is scared of death (typical rich liberal attitude) - this is a fine movie

By DarkMorocco
AO Scott - a typical death-squeamish upper-middle class New Yorker, disses the movie in the worst possible snobbish way - by stating that only pretentious snobs will lke it ("acting in bulk and...

One of the best of the season!

By Usha L Paradise
The ingredients are all here and all top quality: actors (Helen Mirren is a dream!), script, imagery - kudos to the director for pulling everything together masterfully. The film explores love in...

The Last Station

By bon58
Well acted artsy movie....

The Last Station

By movieeviewer
Exquisite, deep, realistic, gripping - a movie to remember!...

Five Word Review

By rencsike
touching story with great perfomances...

Fabulous cast - fabulous atmosphere

By Wonkagranny
This movie tranfixed me. It put me into 19th century Russia and the lives of the Tolstoys. I was moved by the relationship of the Tolstoys. The Russians are great at making the man/woman...

The Last Station

By pstensrud
Phenomenal, loved it! Must see!! Spectacular cinematography, brilliant acting for all five leads, Mirren, Plummer, Giametti, and the two lovers. Beautiful scenery, sets, costumes. Rich, rich,...

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Rated R | For nudity and a scene of sexuality
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Mature Tolstoy biopic recounts his conflicted last days.
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