Arnold Said That He Would Be Back, and He's Back!

By TallSexyWhiteDude
Written January 21, 2013
Unlike most action movies that Arnold has done in the past, this one has much more humor and doesn't take itself too seriously. Plenty of action, and even a good fight scene at the end. Fun movie that every guy should see.
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Good old Arnie !

By JJHowe
Written January 20, 2013
I thought the movie was good, being a long time Arnold fan. I'm not going to say that it was his best movie, but better than some of his other movies. I enjoyed it and I feel like it was worth going to the theater to see. I will also be buying this when it come out on Blue Ray. Good to see Arnold on the big screen again. He's a bit slower, but still tough. I would say go see this movie and if your an Arnold fan like myself than it will be a must see !
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If you love 80's action movies you will love this one

By kmoney51
Written January 24, 2013
It's been some time since we've seen Arnold starring in anything worthwhile. Despite having a few minutes in the "Expendables 2", this is the first time in a while since Arnold took command of a movie. Other than looking his age, unlike his buddy Stallone, Arnold seems to have a knack for giving a performance suitable for someone twenty years his junior. He manages to show some emotion as he is the Sheriff of a small town that has a motley crue of deputies. Forest Whittaker plays the usual serious law enforcement official and Johnny Knoxville has a few good scenes that provide some comic relief. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the bad guy who is played by some guy that looks more like he's a backup dancer for Ricky Martin. Solid action with some great looking car chase scenes and minimal down time. If your an action fan you'll enjoy this movie.
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It was good.

By hueyak
Written January 19, 2013
I DID NOT WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE - had to go with my wife. Movie opens up with Arnold's one liners, my wife and her sister are laughing and I'm completely bored. As the movie progressed it started to get my attention. When the first fire fight with the Sheriff's happen's, I was hooked - they did a good job. I enjoyed it.
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The Last Stand - ing

By Darkola
Written January 20, 2013
If your looking for a good, cheesy flick with plenty of action, then yes, this was a pretty good movie, and worth seeing at the show. I wasnt expecting alot from this movie, as I myself feel that Arnold is just a par actor, nothing over the top, and feel he has gotten worst with being off for so long, but did find myself liking this movie, the mix of good action, and offbeat comedy made this movie all that much better. The story itself was pretty good also, nothing really to far fetched. The acting ranged from pretty good to just ok, but feel for this type of movie, thats the kind of acting you want, something more in the form 0f 80's tv action program acting, good but cheesy at the same time. I'd give this 2 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, and would recommend seeing this on the big screen if ya have nothing better to see. Feel free to add me as a fan to see my latest reviews if you were happy with this one ............ Enjoy :)
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