Was pleasantly surprised and entertained in a good way. LOTS OF FUN TO WATCH.

By wonder_chimp
Written September 23, 2014
Ok, so I was not expecting much on this. Yes, I do admit I like some of Arnold's older movies. I thought what the heck and decided to watch it. The supporting cast was actually pretty interesting. Did not expect it to work the way it did but it really worked on ok. The did the right thing by making some of the over the top scenes actually funny yet still had you engaged to in the story without making it cheesy. I was thinking that Arnold would look like my granpa trying to kick ***but he actually did fit the roll of the butt kicking sheriff decently. There is a scene that gets pretty physical and it I was sold. The overall story is part feasible and part semi plausible but it stayed together. It did not follow the same cadence of the last few action movies Arnold did last so it felt more refreshing and interesting to watch. Aside from any of the negatives it was overall fun and funny to watch. Good experience all around. I say check it out!
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He's back!

By minpinman
Written November 27, 2014
Like him, love, or hate him, you HAVE TO RESPECT Arnold! Here is a guy who decides he wants to be a movie star in the 70's. Problem; he is sometimes/ often hard to understand and had literally a Mr Universe body at a time when there were few roles for that look. Again, he has a problem speaking and did not possess a marketable look... or so we thought! I mean it's only a audio/ video business so why should his accent and appearance be a problem, right? Then he jumps into the business with both feet and turns out a list of blockbusters that even some of the biggest names in Hollywood had to envy! I'd say something foolish like a man like that could become governor of the state of California if he wanted to, but then that would put me severely behind the curve! I REALLY RESPECT HIM and love his ability to get it done! He has done many films/DVD's I own and some will always be amongst my favorites like "True Lies" but I'm running out of characters. Buy this or rent it- IT DOES ENTERTAIN!!
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By SageGonzales
Written October 31, 2014
I think the movie was quite great, had it's tears of sadness, to just plain out laughter, to OMG moments of explosions!! This movie was a roller coaster ride! Loved it ! -- I believe the Critics were so wrong.
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Very good movie, enjoyed it!

By bgalaev
Written January 30, 2015
This is really good movie. With Arnold Schwarzenner, rather old, but still impressive. Unfortunately political moment was not for such movie, which is showing how small group (4-5) of american people using their right to collect and wear guns managed to stop international gang on the boundary of USA. It shows FBI and federal authorities corrupted and helping new generation of Mexican drug dealers commit unbelievable crimes and factually rule the world. But small group of americans don't want this happen and opened real war on the Arizona state boundary against international gangsters. Real heroes and Arnold is fantastically good, but now not exactly the right moment in american history to popularize 2nd amendment. That's why not many people coming.
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Good mix of action and comedy

By stephieowens
Written December 26, 2014
I wasn't so sure about seeing this in the theater but I was glad I saw it. I was pleasantly surprised how funny the movie was. Of course there was a lot of action but the story line was solid and the actors were very good. I'd definitely recommend seeing it. Maybe see it on a discount day at your theater or wait till it comes out on DVD but definitely worth seeing.
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