Ignore the critics

By Filld
Written January 27, 2013
This is without a doubt going to become a cult favorite(along the lines of Tremors). Not believable but completing entertaining. A very likable cast , witty dialoge and well staged action scenes. I can guarantee that when you leave the theater you will feel you got your money's worth. It is really a throwback to some old western films with a dash of humor.
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Good ole fashion kickin' some a$$ movie

By markwho
Written February 04, 2013
Fast paced. Fast action. Fun!!! Just a good "sit back and enjoy the ride" movie. No 'high-brow-ecletic-make-ya-do-some-thinkin'" BS. Just good fast paced entertainment. And I was glad to see that there was no love-interest for the main character (Ahnold). Just an old fashioned Sheriff doing some old fashioned butt kicking!!! and not making hanky-panky with someone half his age (although usually a beeeeautiful woman... anyway....) Great fun. Must see!!
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The Last Stand

Written January 23, 2013
Just a fun movie ... nice to see the good guys always win .. Typical Arnold ..... and that is why we went to see it .. Cute, funny ... entertainiing
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surprisingly good

By innocent1bystander
Written January 27, 2013
I heard the movie didn't do very well at the box office and that the critics were hard on it. Then I read a review that panned the movie for having gun violence, for having Arnold in it (seems the reviewer had issues with the Govenator's attempts to balance CA's budget at the expense of some of the unions--which made me like the movie more). Could it be that some of the folks who are down on Arnold would be down on ANY movie he did? Can't say for sure, but I can say that I saw the movie tonight because I was worried it might leave the theaters after its difficult start. I really liked the movie. It was funny at parts, brutal at others, but didn't take itself too seriously. Knoxville was hilarious and Arnold delivered some great lines. This movie isn't for the kids, but delivers a great time to those able to handle it and who aren't so sensitive they think a kindergartener should be expelled for using a finger gun at recess. No Oscars, but lots more fun than those that will win.
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Arnold is Back!

By JRTex
Written January 30, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised at this movie. A good plot, a good cast of characters and entertaining. I would recommend!
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