Entertaining Fun...THANK-YOU ARNOLD!!!

By 3rdRow
Written March 29, 2017
Let's face it, we go to the movies to be entertained and escape and I realized how much fun it is again to see a good show . Arnold has been entertaining us for years (except for his stint as the governor) and it is good to see him back doing what he does best. I feel that I got my moneys worth and is a relief from all the critics blah choices. Thanks Arnold for making the movies fun again!!!
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Not an Arnold fan, but LOVED this movie

By kerri.millard
Written August 28, 2016
I truly enjoyed this movie. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Arnold’s; I went to see Johnny Knoxville. The movie was somewhat gory and violent, but it was a good movie. It had a great story, loved the characters and it held my attention. You could tell that Arnold’s character really cared about his officers. There was a lot of classic Arnold moves. The entire cast was great; you were rooting for the good guys the whole movie, and hating the bad guys. I never once thought, ‘when will this be over’. As someone who HATES going to the movie and would rather wait until it hits DVD, I am very glad I didn’t wait to see this. But when it does come out on DVD, I WILL BUY IT!!
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Boils down to a classic western

By ahershfeldt
Written June 25, 2017
I was tepid about seeing this, but the story was great, the action was great, comic relief was ok, but overall Arnold put in a classic performance. Must see for action fans!
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By Aerospace747
Written August 28, 2016
WOW, totally unexpected, great actors and actresses, very surprising movie, turn by turn, keeps you at the edge of your seat, trust me, you wont fall asleep in this movie, great humor, comedy, and pretty powerful action, however not too aggressive nor to boring at all, right in the middle, great action movie, well done!
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Was pleasantly surprised and entertained in a good way. LOTS OF FUN TO WATCH.

By wonder_chimp
Written September 29, 2016
Ok, so I was not expecting much on this. Yes, I do admit I like some of Arnold's older movies. I thought what the heck and decided to watch it. The supporting cast was actually pretty interesting. Did not expect it to work the way it did but it really worked on ok. The did the right thing by making some of the over the top scenes actually funny yet still had you engaged to in the story without making it cheesy. I was thinking that Arnold would look like my granpa trying to kick ***but he actually did fit the roll of the butt kicking sheriff decently. There is a scene that gets pretty physical and it I was sold. The overall story is part feasible and part semi plausible but it stayed together. It did not follow the same cadence of the last few action movies Arnold did last so it felt more refreshing and interesting to watch. Aside from any of the negatives it was overall fun and funny to watch. Good experience all around. I say check it out!
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