The Last Stand

By stevendbeard
Written July 25, 2016
This is Arnold's first big leading role since he was the Govenator of California [he had only cameo parts in the Expendables] . It's directed by Jee-woon Kim and this is his first American film [you might have seen his 'A Tale of Two Sisters' or 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird'] . Here , Arnold plays a small town sheriff that left the big city life of the LAPD for a more quite lifestyle . Forest plays an FBI agent that is transporting a Mexican drug lord [and , of course , looses him] . The drug lord plans his escape to go right through Arnold's small town [for some reason , it's the only route to Mexico] and that's when the fireworks begin . Jaimie is one of Arnold's deputies , Johnny gets deputized [he has some firepower that comes in handy] and Peter is a henchman that works for the bad guys . Let's see , there is action , comedy , fast cars and explosions and even some future one-liners ["I'm the Sheriff!"] . What's not to like ? I would buy it on Blu-Ray. Later, Steve
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By Movie_Buff_86
Written August 29, 2016
Arnold is back and as old as ever! Just kidding. This movie was a lot of fun. It had a nice balance of humor but had just enough action that you would expect in an Arnold movie. You have an excaped fugitive who is doing everything he can to make it to Mexico. The only problem is, he has to make his way through the small town in Arizon whcih is called Sommerton. Arnold and his band of misfits are the last line of defense and must do everything they can to stop him and his band of thugs. This was a fun movie, and i encourage you all to go see it. I can't wait to get it on DVD!!!! Money well spent.
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Arnold IS the sherriff. Lots of action and funny!!!

By highbid2
Written July 25, 2016
I think the critics need to go back to school to remember what you go to the movies for! This movie has it all. We were all cheering and laughing throughout the whole movie. Arnold IS the sherriff, no one could have played it better! I say must go!
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Overly Contrived But Entertaining.

By Al P
Written August 30, 2015
Elderly action stars seem to be filling the screens these days with ever more violent and action packed features. Some not quite elderly guys are steadily working their way to that big geriatric feature in the sky this year as well. While it's widely held it's long past time for a number of these fellows to retire, they're still delivering a solid product to their audiences, new and old. Arnie's a little wrinkled and his doubles work double time here but all in all, this isn't a bad film. The formula is so mechanical you could turn off the sound and get the same effect though. Big guns, blood and gore, explosions, happy ending more or less, all wrapped up in a neat little 1:40 feature. Sure, there are plot holes here big enough to drive the Gov's honkin truck through but who cares? Nobody will be going to see this for its story. Is it worth the price of a ticket? Yes. Is it a great film? No. See it though. You won't be disappointed.
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Entertaining Fun...THANK-YOU ARNOLD!!!

By 3rdRow
Written March 29, 2017
Let's face it, we go to the movies to be entertained and escape and I realized how much fun it is again to see a good show . Arnold has been entertaining us for years (except for his stint as the governor) and it is good to see him back doing what he does best. I feel that I got my moneys worth and is a relief from all the critics blah choices. Thanks Arnold for making the movies fun again!!!
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