Arnold is back!

Written January 20, 2013
Its great but be sure to see it on the big screen. Interesting plot, great cast, Big guns. I loved it. If you liked most of Arnold's movies, this is a must see.
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Really? Should have waited till DVD

By ariva90
Written January 21, 2013
I love Arnold and i really never write bad reviews. I saw so many good reviews and had to write this. First of all, If you recently watched Homeland or any other recently awarded flick, stay away from this! I mean the FBI in this movie could have been run by 10 year olds. If i was the FBI director i would have fired everyone. The movie is like a slow, dumbed down version of an action flick. There were funny parts to it, almost to stupid. It makes americans look so retarded, even though we are lol. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone serious mabey just to old people so they can sleep through it and say it was a good movie.
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Worth the ticket but nothing unexpected.

By thejetclub
Written January 21, 2013
It was a fun movie and worth the ticket. Pretty classic Arnold fare, though you can tell he's getting old. As a whole the movie is much funnier than I expected and also a little more violently graphic, maybe a bit risque for young kids but not gratuitous or over the top. All in all the movie is enjoyable. The only mark I had against it is just how much of the dialogue is devoted to Corvettes. At times the movie feels more like a full length Corvette commercial than a believable modern re-telling of the classic western.
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The Last Stand

By SpOOk551
Written January 26, 2013
This movie didn't pretend to be completely serious in trailers or other marketing. It was Arnold and some friends having a good time. Even the #2 evil guy wasn't completely serious. There was plenty of semi-believable action (the car flipping the SUV was not believable), LOTS of shooting from a variety of weapons, and occasional comedy relief. Because the movie didn't claim to be serious, it tops the sickeningly disrespectful Django Unchained and the plodding Jack Reacher in my book.
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By Luna Blackfire
Written February 16, 2014
I felt like it was trying too hard to be a B movie rip off. It was just too painful to watch in one sitting. I had to go have a glass of wine then come back to it. The acting was bad, the plot was worse and the loop holes were gigantic.
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