What a Car!

By computerclassics
Written October 22, 2014
Great movie! The ZR1 Corvette uses the same feature as the Ferrari in the 2007 novel 'George's Flag'. The feature is a radar system built into the dashboard. This feature allows the car to travel at speeds in excess of 180 MPH, at night, using infrared - in both cases green, for the driver to see. In the novel, the car was built to be driven by a professional race car driver to get people "out" of Mexico. In the movie, the car is stolen to be driven by a professional race car driver to get someone "into" Mexico. Either way, this feature is fiction but makes for excitement- traveling at 197 MPH in the dark!
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Ignore the critics

By Filld
Written March 03, 2015
This is without a doubt going to become a cult favorite(along the lines of Tremors). Not believable but completing entertaining. A very likable cast , witty dialoge and well staged action scenes. I can guarantee that when you leave the theater you will feel you got your money's worth. It is really a throwback to some old western films with a dash of humor.
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By lex61564
Written October 28, 2014
I like it a lot and was glad to see Arnold back in action!!
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The Last Stand

Written June 04, 2013
The best movie I've seen in years. The opening scene was the funniest opening scene that I have ever watched. I was not expecting much, but it was very good. Arnold is back. Be sure to watch this one!
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Really? Should have waited till DVD

By RipNRiva
Written January 21, 2013
I love Arnold and i really never write bad reviews. I saw so many good reviews and had to write this. First of all, If you recently watched Homeland or any other recently awarded flick, stay away from this! I mean the FBI in this movie could have been run by 10 year olds. If i was the FBI director i would have fired everyone. The movie is like a slow, dumbed down version of an action flick. There were funny parts to it, almost to stupid. It makes americans look so retarded, even though we are lol. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone serious mabey just to old people so they can sleep through it and say it was a good movie.
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