Great Movie. Full of Action and Arnold is Wonderful

By buffetfan1102
Written May 04, 2015
I had doubts about this movie but was very happy that I saw it, It has a great story and very entertaining. You won't be disappointed. Lots of police action, car chases and shooting
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Arnold is Back!

By DragonBornN7
Written July 31, 2015
This film, as all of you know, is Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film since his stint as The Governator of California. He got lots of criticism for that and his marital problems, which he himself caused, but that sort of stuff should be irrelevant when it comes to an acting career. Anyways, this film is a fairly enjoyable action film. It's an old-school 80s action film with some modern sheen and style thrown in for good measure. There's nothing particularly standout or original about this film, but it's well-made and enjoyable?and, really, that's all we want for a film in January, where studios go to dispose of their garbage before the summer and fall arrives. If you're a fan of Arnold's or just fan of old-school action films in general, give this film a watch at a matinee showing in your local theater. You'll enjoy it. A 6/10.
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Poor Aw-Nold!

By IWantMyMoneysWorth
Written October 06, 2015
Lightweight and slow to get rolling silly escaped drug-lord yarn (high-tech escape, low-tech Chevy-commercial getaway) which eventually gets to and features the Star of the show: Bullets, Blood-spatter and Explosions (now so lazily relied upon in lieu of genuine creativity I bet the Hollywood fat-cat insiders non-nonchalantly refer to it as "BB&E"), and ends with the now-obligatory final hand-to-hand isolated duel to the finish. Nothing here (plot, screenplay, acting, dialog, pacing, location) to draw one in except the memory of Aw-Nold in his prime. He still has presence and deserves a place, but it should be (hopefully next time will be) in something more worthy than this. Forest Whitaker's character would have been better served if it had been played by an unknown or up-an-comer, as the amped intensity of his tormented acting style overwrought/overacted the role with way too much intensity (which interestingly made him better suited for the weakly played bad-guy leader role).
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Good ole fashion kickin' some a$$ movie

By markwho
Written August 25, 2016
Fast paced. Fast action. Fun!!! Just a good "sit back and enjoy the ride" movie. No 'high-brow-ecletic-make-ya-do-some-thinkin'" BS. Just good fast paced entertainment. And I was glad to see that there was no love-interest for the main character (Ahnold). Just an old fashioned Sheriff doing some old fashioned butt kicking!!! and not making hanky-panky with someone half his age (although usually a beeeeautiful woman... anyway....) Great fun. Must see!!
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More of a Comedy..

By DrewGuru
Written August 01, 2015
As much as this movie wants to me to take it seriously at times, I just can't. Once you give up on the probability of any of this actually happening, you can free yourself up to enjoy it! Try to laugh at it.
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