Pros and Cons seem to be the best....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written March 31, 2010
....way to sum up my review for this. PROS.1)Great moment for the first kiss.Unique and impressive. 2)Ending for the couple was better than Dear John's. 3)Convincing acting on the part of Kinnear and little brother. CONS.1)She may be an awesome songwriter and decent singer,but acting:NO. Okay in Hannah-the movie..but that is different than taking on a role as a serious adult.I realize there was collaberation between Cyrus and Sparks,but it still didn't work. She has presence,but needs acting lessons.2.)Tired of same format. There has to be someone else out there who knows what i am talkin' about! 3.)Lead male couldn't act,and with his shirt on, didn't wow me at all. Although Dear John had it's own couple of problems,the lead actors were magnificent. Compared to Tanning and Seifried,these two were like a school play. Young girls will like it..I say save your money.
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By AbiMarks
Written July 03, 2012
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Very humdrum movie

By birac
Written March 31, 2010
It could have been so much more if the dad and Ronnie had more scenes together,and if Ronnie had been another actress. Great first kiss! Liked the little brother. I think this was just too rushed in the making. Just did not feel as close to anybody as I wanted to. GF didn't even cry this time! Matinee price,better,wait for netflix or dvd
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Kinnear and Coleman worth spending money to see

By keatsgirl
Written April 04, 2010
I just think Sparks movies are too formulaic. Two leads were not very good actors. But I understand that ooh...Miley Cyrus lovers will all say this is awesome. You can definitely wait for dvd,but if you want to is a nice enough story,and like i said, the dad and brother are awesome.
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Not being a 'tween' girl i hope this is objective

Written April 02, 2010
I liked the acting in Cyrus's HannahMontana movie. Thought the cheesiness in that role just went with Hannah series (never saw tv show). Here,though, I have to say she has a long way to go acting wise. She has a very arresting presence and probably can learn the art,because she is obviously a hard worker. Very beautiful voice though. She uses her own abilities,rather than electronics,etc. The movie just didn't pull much at all in tear jerker department,maybe because I've seen and read so much sparks material. It is a nice movie though. LOVED Greg K. and the Coleman boy. Her love interest was average. Usually the Sparks heroines are tasteful in their wardrobe,so I was surprised at all the cleavage and the whole midriff for such a long time,but it wasn't indecent,just not modest.
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