The Last Song Synopsis
A man tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter through their shared love of music.
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Pros and Cons seem to be the best....

By lovestalentmoviefan
....way to sum up my review for this. PROS.1)Great moment for the first kiss.Unique and impressive. 2)Ending for the couple was better than Dear John's. 3)Convincing acting on the part of Kinnear and...

By AbiMarks

Very humdrum movie

By birac
It could have been so much more if the dad and Ronnie had more scenes together,and if Ronnie had been another actress. Great first kiss! Liked the little brother. I think this was just too rushed in...

Kinnear and Coleman worth spending money to see

By keatsgirl
I just think Sparks movies are too formulaic. Two leads were not very good actors. But I understand that ooh...Miley Cyrus lovers will all say this is awesome. You can definitely wait for dvd,but if...

Not being a 'tween' girl i hope this is objective

I liked the acting in Cyrus's HannahMontana movie. Thought the cheesiness in that role just went with Hannah series (never saw tv show). Here,though, I have to say she has a long way to go acting...

The Last Song

By cswil08
I saw this movie after reading the book, and while the book is my favorite one that I've read in years, the movie still impressed me. It did a really good job of taking the important elements from the...

this movie was a lot like my experience with Twilight...

By meeshepeede
The movie leaves out a lot of important scenes from the book that I think would have helped develop the characters in the movie and the relationships among them. I feel like the relationship between...

The Last Song

By 94E6-B89GFE-5A46
I was blown away! As I was waiting for the film to begin i noticed that ALL of those entering the theater were teenagers (all girls) and young mothers with very small children! I thought I really...

2 stars

By rebhering
Be is like EVERY other movie by Nicholas Sparks. The main character is in a "real-life" scenarios where she has a complete change of view (round character) who goes through a variety of...

made me cry!

By 1of9
I'm not normally a fan of Miley Cyrus but I love Nicholas Sparks books. I attended the movie with 2 of my best girl friends and we were all crying by the end. The story is what makes the movie and by...

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Rated PG | For sensuality, thematic material, some violence and mild language
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Common Sense Media says Sweet Miley Cyrus drama depicts first love, family troubles.
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