The Last Sin Eater Synopsis
An Appalachian girl searches for someone who can remove the guilt she feels over her sister's death.
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A great family film

By BeatTry
Excellent film that combines wholesome values of life centered around the importance of love, caring for other people, overcoming fear, together with a greatest message of life for us all. The...

The Last Sin Eater

By DaveD
This was a well produced movie. Not having read the book, it kept me in suspense and had a few turns of events I wasn't expecting. Overall it had good values and showed what can happen when someone...

slow at first, but

By CTiv
The movie starts slow. A surprising twist makes it worth the wait. A good message....

Praise the Lord and pass the popcorn!

By Tasting123
How important is Jesus in your life? Important enough to make a movie that would rate a 9 into a 10 for its message? If so, then you'd probably be pleased with The Last Sin Eater. Tragedy, guilt,...

A Must See

By TexWatcher
There is a little of each of us in this movie, but what a way to freedom was shown to all through "The Last Sin Eater", Jesus....

The Last Sin Eater

By GodCCreatedFlowers

The Last Sin Eater

By moviegoertoo
Just saw the movie and what an awesome movie it was. What a wonderful way to show God's redemption for us. Jesus is the one and only true sin eater. Would love to see more movies like this. A must...

The last Sin Eater

By tamij_moviegoer
My husband and I both loved this show, although he went with some initial misgivings. Michael Landon Jr. & Bryan Bird capture the culture of 1850's Apalachia: the celtic superstitions and dark...

Sin Eater Movie Review

By Dizires
This was a compelling movie that was suspenseful. I like a movie that I cannot predict and I don't have to be slapped with volence, sex & profanity. The movie had a message that was delivered well...

The Last Sin Eater

By mac_attack
Great movie, wish there were more that had a message like this. A bit slow in the beginning but worth the wait. A little dark, if your child is frightened easily, this wouldn't be appropriate but...

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic elements, and some intense sequences of violence