“THE LAST MISTRESS” – the story of a womanizer in 1835 as it might’ve been reported on TMZ

By jimchudnow
Written July 11, 2008
While the times were different (set in the mid 1800’s), the openness of the story might remind you of today’s paparazzi-based TV shows. Ryno de Marigny (FU’AD AIT AATTOU) is a womanizer, a gambler, and a usually-penniless compatriot of numerous rich people in France. He endures a long-term obsession with a Spanish mistress named Vellini (played with fiery intensity by ASIA ARGENTO). While the film has been described as “scandalous & explicit” about sex, it’s French-- so it probably doesn’t seem that way to them (just to people like periodically-Puritanical Americans)! The talk and action is indeed unpredictably frank and generally not what you might expect. Aattou is dandy playing a dandy, Argento is fascinating even when unlikeable, observers are frequently pompous, and it’s enjoyable seeing a film so different from mainstream American dramas. But, don’t go expecting typical “happy ending” type conclusions to the various relationships! Recommended for open-minded filmgoers.
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can't recommend it!

By nisero
Written July 05, 2008
boring and dull.... outcome was very predictable
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The Last Mistress

Written July 25, 2008
Asia Argento is mesmerizing. She is beautiful when she wants and evil and deceitful with just a change in facial expressions. THe movie is a little slow, but easily understandable even though there are subtitles. However, all of a sudden near the end of the movie it turns into a soft porno movie, not that I didn't mind looking at a naked Asia. She is definitely hot. I did notice a couple goofs: 1) I did not know they did Tattoos in the 18th Century, well you see one just above Asia's butt in one love scene. 2) Also, she has had a boob job, did not know they did those back then either. The acting is superb, but I give the movie a C overall, they did not need the naked scenes to move the story along; but definitely easy on the eyes. Signing Off: Neal The Movie Guy
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Racy Movie...

By Marlenoysis
Written August 08, 2008
A Bit Racy, It Dragged a lot specially toward the end some clues unsolved and a bit slow!!
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the last mistress

By fdod
Written July 27, 2008
This film was over rated. There was nothing new and each scene was predictable. I was glad it ended.
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