The Last Mistress Synopsis
A woman (Asia Argento) refuses to stand aside when her longtime lover marries an aristocrat.
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“THE LAST MISTRESS” – the story of a womanizer in 1835 as it might’ve been reported on TMZ

By jimchudnow
While the times were different (set in the mid 1800’s), the openness of the story might remind you of today’s paparazzi-based TV shows. Ryno de Marigny (FU’AD AIT AATTOU) is a womanizer, a gambler,...

can't recommend it!

By nisero
boring and dull.... outcome was very predictable...

Racy Movie...

By Marlenoysis
A Bit Racy, It Dragged a lot specially toward the end some clues unsolved and a bit slow!!...

The Last Mistress

Asia Argento is mesmerizing. She is beautiful when she wants and evil and deceitful with just a change in facial expressions. THe movie is a little slow, but easily understandable even though there...

the last mistress

By fdod
This film was over rated. There was nothing new and each scene was predictable. I was glad it ended....

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Rated NR
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Lusty yet somewhat tepid French sex drama.
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