The Last Mimzy Synopsis
Siblings discover amazing abilities along with a box of toys from the future.
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Super Kawaii(cute)

By Yudan
A beautiful story of two children that gain powers from a mysterious box that is supposedly from the future. Personally the story line is good keeps you on the edge and curious for more! Curiousity...


By Dalereyn
I really enjoyed this movie. It truly was a family movie. It allowed one to have hope in the future. That maybe some day we will have a peaceful world. It demonstated that one can make a difference...


By movie2review
I was hesistant to take my 4yr old to this movie as it wasn't a 'cartoon' but he absolutely thought it was "cool" and had lots of "woahs" to express throughout the film. On the adult response, an...

The last Mimzy

By Irabil
The story was good. The length of the movie too log. Overall, the movie was slow and at times hard to follow....

Corporate logo placement at its finest!

By n00bin8r
I won't spoil the surprise, but that was my ONLY gripe with this charming movie. The kids are GREAT actors, especially the little girl, whose facial expressions and charm make the characters at once...


By good2go
Went with wife and kids. A great family movie. Recommend you go see....

A Great Movie

By butterfly woman
This is a great movie movie for the family to go and see because it proves that no matter what you sould always dream. There are many movies that you need to show some imagination with it and i would...

last mimzi

By rentamovie
even my 14 year old enjoyed it! enought action to make worth while for an adult and a gentle, non threatening theme for children....

The Last Mimzy

By movie_mom_with_2
This was a great movie for adults and children alike. It was enchanting and exciting. My children who are 7 and 4, loved all the magic of the Mimzy! My 4 year old lost intrest a couple of times,...

Glad I didn't read the critic reviews - I loved this movie

By mommylovesbubbies
This is a movie that proves you don't need sexual content, crude rhetoric and/or blood to be entertaining. My children loved it. It was very entertaining. I look forward to buying the dvd....

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Rated PG | For for some thematic elements, mild peril and language
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