Best documentary about Nature and Conservation

By kmoi
Written February 20, 2011
This is a very inspirational, amazing and truthful documentary. This completely shows the feelings of a mother and her struggle for survival. This also shows the replacement of lions due to lost habitat, we as humans are not thinking the great damange we are doing to our animals. Let's hope this documentary opens people's eyes and minds, we need to defend our lions in Africa. We must save our lions. Moreover, all the proceeds will go to Big Cats Initiative, unlike all Hollywood movies, the money goes to save our cats not help celebrities get richer. Please go see this documentary. It's a must see... Or watch the trailer at least...
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The Last Lions

By garrettbonnette
Written March 15, 2011
I took my wife and her parents to go see the movie. It was showing at the Angelika Theatre in Dallas. The movie was good. The cinematography was unbelievable, and the story was compelling. My only complaint would be the narration. I felt that they took liberties with what was going on. Overall, it held our attention, and we discussed it after the fact. I do not know if I would see it again, but would recommend to certain individuals to go see it.
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A Mother's Determination

By dlcoble
Written March 14, 2011
The Last Lions is a story of courage and determination, therefore, it is timeless. Even though the film centers around a lioness raising and protecting her young cubs, everyone can relate to her plight. You'll laugh at the cubs friskiness and antics; you'll cry at their fate. But you will mostly cheer for the mother's cunning and bravery in outwitting her enemies. The cinematography is breathtaking and puts you in the middle of the action. The narration, done by Jeremy Irons, is another great quality of the movie. You'll want to watch it again and again. You certainly won't be bored. While this is an excellent family movie, it may not be suitable for children 6 and under due to the violence and brutality of nature.
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THE LAST LIONS roars with nature's fury and passion!

By grandier
Written February 24, 2011
The Last Lions is everything you would hope it would be, and more. You just can't create these kinds of situations, they have to happen. There are lovely loving moments and heartbreaking ones also. The narration at times is a little over-the-top describing thoughts and feelings that it's impossible to know these creatures have, but it does help the story flow. The photography is amazing. It's incredible these lions will let people that close to them to photograph them. This story of a mother braving so many elements to protect her and her cubs will thrill all who enter the theater. We're so lucky films like this can find their way to cinemas. I'm so glad the film was available to go see. If you're thinking of a good family film to share with your own or even if you'd like to see how the remaining 20,000 lions out of 450,000 that once roamed the Earth are faring these days, The Last Lions is a great entry into this world.
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Beautiful and Moving Film

By jkn299
Written February 20, 2011
I find it amazing how the filmmakers were able to capture so much emotion and intensity in the faces and bodies of these animals and to tell such a dramatic story with so much suspense. The story was told so eloquently and revolved around the themes of motherhood, loss, sisterhood, leadership and survival . It was hard not to become attached to Ma di Tau and her two cubs. I laughed and cried. Very intense and powerful film!
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