How can you rate a movie that JUST came out TODAY.. and you havent even see??

By tigerdave1970
Written August 22, 2007
I was reading reviews on this movie, and I realized.. that some of you people have posted your opinions on the movie, and you havent even seen it! Of course not all movies can live up to the likes of TROY, GLADIATOR, and 300..... doesnt mean that its not a good movie. I have gone to see movies that had "bad" reviews from "film critics"... and actuallythought it was an enjoyable movie! That just goes to show you that everyone one has their own opinion, and is entitled to it obviously. But geeez.. can you at least go see the movie before you start tearing it apart! I'm going to see it this afternoon, AND THEN... I will post my review and rating! UPDATE!!!!!!!! OK, so I went and saw the movie... No, it was not up to the standards of TROY, GLADIATOR, or 300... the acting was shady at times. You could tell this was a flim made on a budget. But overall.. if your into that type of movie, and the whole "Excalibur" ... story, then you may want to go see it. DVD!!!!
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History with a twist

By spotty41
Written August 22, 2007
If you are into historical films, this is an awesome movie with constant reminders that this movie is somewhat plausible. On the other hand if you failed history in high school you might get a little confused with some of the names, places and societies mentioned in the movie. Lots of action and plenty kick-***fight scenes. Once you know the plot, it's pretty predictable, but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the film. If you liked "300", then you will like "The Last Legion", just don't expect th same level of cinematography.
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High expectations... Let down.

By miker69
Written August 13, 2007
Not impressed with the movie. Acting was dry with little to no character development. By the end of the movie, every character could have died and I would not have cared, which is too bad because I like Kingsley. The action is not nearly as fast paced as most movies are nowadays - meaning it seemed far too choreographed. The movie is by no means on an epic scale: the armies fail to seem threateningly large and left me feeling like the production of the movie was very low budget. The music started of sounding very decent, but it quickly deteriorated. Not worth spending $10, save your money and use a free rental coupon one day... Too bad...
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Refreshing look at the Aurthur Legend

By shawnck
Written August 30, 2007
Although the story of King Aurthur and his legendary sword have been told countless times, The Last Legion brought a fresh telling. This prequel creatively combined history with fantasy on a canvas to form a colorful movie. The Last Legion had every element a good movie should: comedy, action, adventure, a love story, and a greater cause. The ending especially tied the movie in directly with the Aurthur Legend. At times the movie was a little slower than I would have liked, but it is one I will still add to my DVD collection as soon as it's available.
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Movie Critics Suck!!!!!

By Boltzfan
Written August 14, 2007
Every time I go to see a movie, that movie critics give rave reviews, the movie ends up being the most boring waste of time that a view could see. Watching gum biodegrade would be more exciting. The storyline is great and the action sequence will probably be just as good. It probably won't be as good as Troy, 300, or Gladiator but I'm sure its full of its own great qualities. This is definitely the type of movie to see on the big screen to give it the full punch!!!!
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