The Last Legion Synopsis
After Rome falls, its last emperor, a mere boy, journeys to Britannia with his loyal defenders.
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How can you rate a movie that JUST came out TODAY.. and you havent even see??

By tigerdave1970
I was reading reviews on this movie, and I realized.. that some of you people have posted your opinions on the movie, and you havent even seen it! Of course not all movies can live up to the likes of...

History with a twist

By spotty41
If you are into historical films, this is an awesome movie with constant reminders that this movie is somewhat plausible. On the other hand if you failed history in high school you might get a...

High expectations... Let down.

By miker69
Not impressed with the movie. Acting was dry with little to no character development. By the end of the movie, every character could have died and I would not have cared, which is too bad because I...

Refreshing look at the Aurthur Legend

By shawnck
Although the story of King Aurthur and his legendary sword have been told countless times, The Last Legion brought a fresh telling. This prequel creatively combined history with fantasy on a canvas...

Movie Critics Suck!!!!!

By Boltzfan
Every time I go to see a movie, that movie critics give rave reviews, the movie ends up being the most boring waste of time that a view could see. Watching gum biodegrade would be more exciting. ...

really great movie one of a kind.

By ramtrivedi
I know this movie has to be great... with Ash Rai and Ben Kingsley both of them great actor,...

Last Legion

By fcmejias
This was a very entertaining cross between "Braveheart" and "Spartacus"! I was glad that this film didn't rely on too many special effects to get the story across, and I enjoyed both Colin Firth's...


By babu86
The movie was amazing, not just the actors, but the sets and visuals were amazing. Aishwarya rai is amazing the most beautiful woman in the world is coming to take over hollywood!...


By LordOfTheRings1990
This movie is a horrible mess, it has an uninteresting story, horrible acting, horrible action, and should be avoided at all costs....

British Romans Again

By pieterrabbit7
Unfortunately, once again we are viewing a movie about Roman soldiers who speak in perfect King's English and wear costumes fresh from the dry cleaners. When will Mel Gibson make a movie about...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of intense action violence
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