By SaneGirl
Written November 18, 2008
Just finished watching this movie. McEvoy is gritty and wonderful as the rather innocent young doctor, but Whitaker is truly frightening. I found myself sinking back into my chair during his truly intimidating moments! A well deserved Oscar for the portrayal of a truly brutal misguided man. I'm very pleased he died in exile! One line in that movie will stay in my mind.."I'm sick of the hatred" watch for that. An ugly movie in many ways, but one to be seen by everyone.
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By Philtom_1987
Written January 02, 2009
I 100% loved his movie. "The last king of Scotland" comes complete with Fantastic acting by an Excellent cast, and an intriguing plot. It is centered around Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, a young man fresh out of med school who, after a chance spinning of a globe, travels to Uganda to work in a Missionary clinic. After a chance meeting with newly elected Ugandan President Idi Amin, he is invited to work for him as his Personal Physician. WHat starts of as a friendly relationship with a seemingly decent man, quickly escalates to a semi hostile relationship with a monster. Nicholas repeatedly attempts to end his employment by Amin, but the devlish dictator Forbids nicholas to leave, and the young doctor is faced with a bitter ending as he is stuck with an evil man so geniusly portrayed by Forrest Whitaker, and the performance by James Mccavoy as Dr. Garrigan shows us why he is one of todays fastest growing stars.
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Great Acting, Disturbing Story

By cjtolmie
Written January 12, 2008
Every actor in this film was terrific. After hearing the story of this dictator you will need a shower, but it's worth watching! James MacAvoy (probably not how you spell his last name) was great. He's a really good up and comer. One to watch.
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Just Such A Great Movie

By WheresYourSparkNow
Written February 27, 2008
This movie has a great story including a non-fictional character in fictional world with other fictional characters. Forest Whitaker's performance is unique and portrays his character extremely well. To some, his character was a peoples' hero. To others he was a monster and even a cannabal. Overall just really a great movie. I still watch is monthly.
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The Last King of Scotland Review

By rocketjsl357
Written August 06, 2008
brutal and horrific McAvoy gives a solid performance as Nicholas, but Whitaker deservedly steals the spotlight with his chilling and unforgettable performance in his role as Amin. At first you can see how one might be charmed by the charismatic personality of Amin, but as the story unfolds you can see how unremitting fear and paranoia dismantle his character and his relationship with the young Scotsman. (4/5 stars)
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