The last house on the left

By skey
Written April 04, 2009
This movie was by far the worst movie I have seen. It is very distrubing to the heart and mind. Some parts should have had less detail to them. I regert going. I wanted to leave even before the middle of the movie. It is not a movie I would ever see again, even if it was given to me. I would not suggest letting any young adults go to this movie. My should be taken out of theaters all together!!!!
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By lshan05
Written March 19, 2009
yes yes, this movie is at times hard to watch but face it people these sick things happen in real life! Its about time they had a movie with a good outcome for once! Where the good guys kick the bad guys *** and the story isn't left for another retarded sequal...much better than the original and worth seeing! PS. NOT A KIDS MOVIE!! I get really tired of parents bringing their 3-7 year olds to a movie this graphic, its not right! if you cant hire a baby sitter then suck it up and watch escape to witch mountain!
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If you like to see 17 year old girls getting butt raped go see this movie.

By Jimmbo
Written March 14, 2009
This movie is horrible! It was filmed too realistic to have a sence like that. It was a total mood killer. It's not the first rape scene I've ever seen but it was too graphic too realistic and would be enough to turn anyone with an iron stomach into mush. Save you're time and money.
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By fanofgoodfilm77
Written April 20, 2009
This was a typical overdone slashing horror film. The rape scene that was reviewed as such an awful and graphic rape, was actually not as bad as many made it out to be. The film is very predictable and not worth going to see. Don't waste your time with this one.
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i need to see it

By hossler10
Written March 01, 2009
i really need to see this movie it is the best on the tv
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