By CityEatsSky
Written March 16, 2009
People are complaining about the rape scene. Though it was very intense... it happens and it is a horrible thing. I really think this movie is a wake up call for careless teens, being the 20 year old that I am. I saw that some ppl left after this scene... honey. all i have to say is SWEET REVENGE!!! Lets just say everyone is put in their place. Other than that intense and sad scene it is a FANTASTIC movie!! I am VERY VERY VERY picky with suspense and horror movies, but this leaves you on the edge of your seat! The characters are impecable! Not to mention they are SMART. They arn't the characters you yell at because they are about to open a door that the killer is behind. they are ready to take on these horrible villians. I'd go see it again in a heartbeat!!!
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Imagination or Human Decency?

By moveslowly4574
Written March 15, 2009
This is the first movie i have ever walked out of......A "sadistic horror" movie to me would be something like "House of a thousand corpses" or "The Hills Have Eyes". Blood, Killing, and sickos getting pleasure from pain would be my standards for a "Sadistic Horror". NOT a good five or ten minutes of gross sexual violence against a minor (stressing Minor). Scenes of the nature that Mr. Cravin portrayed in this movie can be easily implied. There is no need what so ever to show any one, let alone a young girl, be forcibly raped by one or group of people. This movie should have some kind of warning on it beyond horror or "sadistic horror". Even having watched previews online and seen the commercials on TV nothing prepared me for the extent this movie went to. I saw plenty of 17 yr in the theater, and I don't think any parent would expect anything that disgusting even with an "R" rating when they let their kids go to the movies. Don't waste your time you'll be a worse person for seeing it!
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The Last House On The Left

By connor-barry
Written February 24, 2009
I cant wait to see this ovie it looks amazing!!! The movie doesnt look to scary for all of you nonhorror movie people. It seems very erie and thrilling. I cant wait.
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By rmp1885
Written March 14, 2009
Would never recomend anyone to see this movie. We actually walked out halfway into it. Scenes in this movie were the worst ive ever seen. They should not make movies with men raping young girls in them. Was very disturbing....
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The last house on the left

By angelapost
Written March 15, 2009
This movie was extremley graphic . had a very violent rape scene . would not recommend this movie to anyone . told family members not to go .
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