By giomovies
Written March 18, 2009
Good movie
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Despicable and Cruel

By Thaggomania
Written March 14, 2009
Last House on the Left duped me with trailers that offered glimpses of a suspenseful movie. What it provided was the worst kind of dreck: horror porn to the max. I should have known from the very beginning as, at every opportunity, the cameras showcased the nubile body of a young blonde teenager. What I wasn't expecting, and what repelled me, was the most sadistic and vicious murder and rape scene I have ever been horrified to watch in a film. Displaying unusual cruelty, the stabbing death of a teenage girl is shown in its entirety as is the verbal torture the killers inflict on her friend as she is forced to watch the mortally wounded child dying in agony. And then of course, there is the revenge of the "good guys" during which the camera picks up every disgustingly bloody shot it can including the shoving of a man's hand into a sink disposal unit followed by a hammer blow to the head and another guy's head exploding in a microwave. This is filth masquerading as entertainment.
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I have not had to walk out on a movie in a long time, terrible.

By jefftdoan
Written March 22, 2009
DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. Not only is this a disgusting, distasteful movie, it appears to capitalize on unnecessary sexual violence to compensate for what was a poor story line to begin with. With no segway or plot value, the movie quickly moves to a rape scene that should not be in any movie. I get that this movie is rated R, but really, what place does such a real horror for so many people have in this movie? I'll watch a movie occasionally with people getting chopped up by chainshaw yielding killers and deranged psychopaths because frankly, that's not real. This should not be shown in theaters, period.
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The Last House on the Left

By Boogeyman_kid
Written April 08, 2009
OK...This movie was ridiculous! I wish Id read the reviews prior to paying to see it. Nearly everything in the movie was overdone, from the gratuitous and offensive scenes of a minor to pathetic attempts at shock gore. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the classic nudity and violence flicks (fan of Friday the 13th), but this one is as low in quality as it is in class!
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Best Suspense Movie of All Time!

By dallascowboys249
Written March 20, 2009
This was truly the the best suspense move of all time. I was truly shocked as I walked out at the end of this movie! The Last House of the left was now my all-time favorite suspense movie. I really enjoyed this movie because the whole movie was intense. After the first 10 minutes of the movie, there was not one happy moment. It was 1 hrs and 50 minutes, but it was so good that it seemed like it was only 30 minutes and I am not joking. The Acting was very good. They chose the perfect actors for this remake. The Directing was very very surprisingly terrific! It seemed as though this movie was more of a suspense than a horror, but who cares! It was truly awesome! Horror movie fans, suspense fans this was the movie that you are waiting for! I loved this movie and it is not only a MUST-SEE it is a MUST-BUY! I am definitely buying this movie on blu-ray when it comes out. 10/10 and an A+. MUST SEE!!! You wont regret it!
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