By Jacqueline87
Written April 04, 2009
I have not seen this film but I wanted to write because your comments really hit home for me. Sometimes I think that we should never make or create such scenes in films. I've had some very strong reactions to milder rape scenes and I have never recovered or been able to erase them from memory. I can relate to how you walked out crying. It is disgusting and evil. I cannot imagine the filming and actors willing to participate in the creating of this scene. I am sorry that you were so upset. I never got over one rape scene I saw years ago!
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anyone who likes this movie is twisted

By sarsknn
Written March 19, 2009
I have never seen so many people walk out of a movie within the first 45 minutes. the rape scene was disgusting, how could anyone watch such a thing, and enjoy it?!?! it was just way too realistic. that's is what bothered me the most. but it was good to know that i wasn't the only one who was disgutsted. and it was a good thing that i was able to get my money back. It is movies like that, that give people who already are messed up in the head bad ideas. it's just awful. I almost threw up. Don't see it....$20 wasted!!!!!
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With so many let downs.... I still have hope!

By bklynbuddha
Written February 26, 2009
I still have hope that this movie will be done well. Prom night was a dissaster. Black Christmas was flat. When a Stranger Calls just missed the mark. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Alright. Friday 13th was just okay. After all these let downs I'm still holding out hope for this one, nightmare on elmstreet, and hellraiser. let us pray...
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Not That Bad

By hallie0113
Written April 16, 2009
Okay, so I saw this movie with my boyfriend and it had a very slow beginning but it got more intersting. THe thing that made me feel very very uncomfortable was the rape scene. Both me and my boyfriend had to get up and leave the theatre because it was so graphic. If you can handle that kind of stuff and other icky stuff you should go see it but if you can't i would definetely suggest you not to go.
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Despicable and Cruel

By Thaggomania
Written March 14, 2009
Last House on the Left duped me with trailers that offered glimpses of a suspenseful movie. What it provided was the worst kind of dreck: horror porn to the max. I should have known from the very beginning as, at every opportunity, the cameras showcased the nubile body of a young blonde teenager. What I wasn't expecting, and what repelled me, was the most sadistic and vicious murder and rape scene I have ever been horrified to watch in a film. Displaying unusual cruelty, the stabbing death of a teenage girl is shown in its entirety as is the verbal torture the killers inflict on her friend as she is forced to watch the mortally wounded child dying in agony. And then of course, there is the revenge of the "good guys" during which the camera picks up every disgustingly bloody shot it can including the shoving of a man's hand into a sink disposal unit followed by a hammer blow to the head and another guy's head exploding in a microwave. This is filth masquerading as entertainment.
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