EXTREMELY REALISTIC! hard to watch, but a good movie

By cspellman
Written March 14, 2009
The movie was very hard to watch at parts, but it was so realistic and unlike any movie i've seen before. It had me anxious the entire movie. The rape scene was very sad and made me cry, but it was portrayed very realistically. This movie definitely made me re-think some of the stuff I do. I willl not be going to any stranger's place ever again, even if it seems okay. I definitely reccomend seeing the movie.
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Not for the weak stomachs

By ajovaag
Written April 05, 2009
I went in thinking it was more of a horror movie, but it's really more of a thriller/killer movie. It takes a while to get going but keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is REALLY gory and there are a few scenes I could barely stomach but it was overall a decent story line and movie. If you can't take violence, and I mean not just your typical slasher flick but seriously disturbing violence, this isn't the movie for you. But it's just a movie afterall. Teenagers beware... if you're thinking about trying to sneak into this rated R movie it won't happen. I witnessed several underaged kids get escourted out. They are strict with this one, probably because of the graphic scenes.
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absolutely DISGUSTING.

By sunshinebby86
Written March 19, 2009
I'm not sure how anyone can enjoy this movie with graphic rape scene of a sixteen year old. There are just no words to describe how despicable this flick really is. Gross. I think it should be banned from theaters and my boyfriend felt the same way. And the worst part about it when we went to leave the theater we noticed a THREE YEAR OLD BOY THERE WITH HIS PARENTS!!!! I don't think children, with parents or not should be admitted to such a nudity filled and disgustingly graphic movie, period.
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Teen Rape

By filmreviewer
Written April 01, 2009
The movie was horrifying in that a family on a private vacation coouldn't spend it in peace. If it wasn't for the young guy whose Dad was one of the escaped convicts, the family's chance of surviving would have been much lower. The writers put that sweet nugget deep into the movie when one thought all charity was lost. Tony Goldwyn did a wonderful job as the doctor/dad. I didn't like the very last scene of what he did to the other Dad though. It seemed so inappropriate and a waste of time.
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GREAT REMAKE...Disturbing yet worth the price of admission

By kmoney51
Written February 10, 2016
Being a big fan of the campy-70's original, I had high expectations for this movie. From the get-go it was a modern telling of the original with a few updated points here and there. I couldn't really call it over-acting but the rape scene was over the top for many, including my girlfriend who like most women would have a hard time sitting through. I admit they could have shortened it since the point had been made. But the revenge that was awaiting those freaks was unlike anything I have seen on film. The audience gasped along with me in two of the slayings of the "gang". This movie will make you think twice about renting a remote cabin on a lake in some rural part of the country. If your stomach can handle some vile stuff, check this out
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