Belongs in freak out history

By redyeah
Written July 23, 2009
With the original being as shocking a film as they come. I thought there was no way this would even come close to making me think the writers and director were crazy. But this was just as savage and brutal. Definitely not for movie fans who are not used to extreme horror. But it was done incredibily. The ending belongs in history books everywhere.
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By hawaiianlady
Written March 31, 2009
What every parent would do for their child...I saw this movie the night it opened and the audience was a loud one, but when the rape scene came on, total silence. Just because it was so real, and so intense, yet very sad to see, but it happens in reality. Of course it's terrible to see and no one wants to ever experience it, but I'm glad they showed it because it's educational. Def. not for children to watch, but for everyone else to know how a raped victim feels and that it does happen...
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Written April 02, 2009
Warning this movie is a 17 girl being sodomized on screen. This movie is a disgusting attempt at shocking the audience. We as an audience need to stop paying 10 bucks to directors allowing young girls to be brutally raped and sodomized on screen. It is evil and wrong. If we stop paying the 10 bucks they will stop making these kinds of movies. THis movie is a sexual predators dream.
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eh... it could have been better

By meatballa23
Written March 17, 2009
the rape scene was really graphic and pointless, i wanted to walk out. however, the rest of the movie was really intense and had me on the edge of my seat. i would rate it as "GO" if the rape scene wasn't as disturbing. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a weaker stomach.
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The original makes this version look tame in comparison

By MileHighKindBud
Written March 14, 2009
For all of you who go on & on about how bad this movie is, check out the original. This movie is a masterpiece in comparison. In the original, the murder, rape & torture of the girls, (neither end up living in the original), is much more drawn out & considerably more brutal, (the psychos make the girls have sex with each other, piss themselves, etc). And then when the bad guys end up at the parents house & the parents discover who they are, it just went downhill from there because any sense of realism flew right out the window. The part in the original where the mother was giving one of the killers & BJ & bites his junk off & spits it out still stands as a serious low point in Wes Craven's otherwise excellent career. At least the remake, (although still brutal), didn't feel like it was intentionally just trying to be gross for no reason. Watch the original, then realize that this is one of those rare cases where the remake actually outshines the original.
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