i need to see it

By hossler10
Written March 01, 2009
i really need to see this movie it is the best on the tv
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Good Movie? YES Fully Appropriate? NO

By sel2731
Written March 21, 2009
Overall I felt this film kept your attention and was quite thrilling! As a typical horror movie goer I've seen my amounts of blood and gore, however this movie did bother me as a young female. I understand that in order to set the plot as to why there was such revenge and anger towards the end of the movie however there is NO NEED for a rape scene that long and detailed. They could have easily gotten the point across without making it so graphic and realistic. If you've had a family member or friend who has even been a victim of brutality or think that a very long rape scene would bother you, then I suggest either not seeing it or waiting untill it comes out on DVD so you can skip a few min. ... do I think it was overall a god horror movie- of course but I just must say it did really bother me.
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By jshawna025
Written January 20, 2017
This movie was great! Violent, emotional, intense, and action-packed! Definitely go see this. You won't be sorry!!!!!
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By outofcontrolchicky
Written May 08, 2009
This movie was so disgusting. The whole rape scence was not exactly the best thing to put on the big screen. Especially that much. The majority of the movie was okay. But I was sitting there watching it and then once the scene with the garbage disposal hit..........ugh I had enough. I walked out of the theater and had nothing else to say. It was bad. BAD!!!
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WOW... really... who in their sick mind would think of a movie like this....

By Teesa485
Written August 31, 2009
Honestly one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. I regret even sitting down to watch this movie. Its really sad how directors like Dennis Lladis would even think of a movie like this. Its really sad to know that so many girls are raped daily and directors decided to put scenes in movies like this. Rape is a serious issue that not many people take seriously. Really come on now Dennis Lladis... a ten min scene that involves first killing a teenage girl then her friend gets RAPED!!! I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH ONE OF DENNIS LLADIS MOVIES EVER AGAIN!.... SOOO DISGUSTING AND OFFENSIVE AT THAT. I wish people had hearts and thought about how movies like this can and do Influence others. There are some sick people out there who actually commit crimes like this. Once again I can explain how disgusted I was by the scene that involved the RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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