By h3ndroid
Written October 21, 2014
MARDI GRAS SCENE: The main character Nell, was either coaxed or strayed away. Going outside at night even after the telephone incident with Chris earlier that day. EXORCISM SCENE: More could have happened. For instance the brother said "Trust Me" prior to the ritual. Hell, I thought he had some spiritual voodoo haymaker **** going on. Instead, when **** got thick he nuts up! Why didn't he have glowing hands or some ****, after all If this thing got loose the world was over. Then there's the Erika Badu looking chick, she says "Trust Me". She even said this group is the only ones who can help. The leader of the Black Hand Group had a little gumption. Unfortunately there was no backup plan, except to kill Nell. and of course Nell's weakness in the moment of death destroyed the plot. I really think we need to exercise ourselves from any more exorcism movies. After all none will ever top the original. Big ups to Linda Blair.
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Not Bad

By wentzgold
Written April 18, 2015
The last Exorcism part II wasn't a bad movie but it definitely was not as good as the trailer made it seem. It lacked real plot but the special effects where pretty good. The movie wasn't scary in the least bit and there was a few scenes where it was borderline funny. In summery the movie is decent to watch for entertainment but as for a scare factor it falls short.
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I hope this really is the LAST Exorcism movie they make.

By spinsin_com
Written March 30, 2015
Boring, boring, boring and then stupid. No suspense. No Special effects. No worthwhile dialogue. No reason to make this movie at all.... They should offer to give back our money.
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Dont waste your money!

By jjccfmound
Written March 04, 2013
We were excited to go and at the end felt like we needed a refund. What a huge disappointment! We did not think it was scary at all!
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Cliched yet still good

By Taraka
Written January 26, 2015
I'm with a bunch of others on here that I've never been a huge horror movie fan but a friend of mine was in the mood for one this time and the poster with the main woman's body bent like a 2 was very cool and freaky so figured what the heck. It was cliched and predictable for the most part but it had some originality to it as well so I can't put "Oh NO" or "NO" as my grade. I enjoyed some of the thoughtfulness in the direction of the plot and small amount of plot twists. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Muse Watson (Mike Franks in NCIS) as one of the main characters and he was pretty good. I can understand most of the negative comments because, yes, it wasn't very scary at all, but it had its merits to make it a nice movie to watch on a B movie or Halloween movie marathon night...right after laughing at the Blair Witch Project and poking fun at Jason X.
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